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April Antics in Review

Whoa, there, calendar. You're moving a little too fast for me.

It's already May!

I've noticed a few other bloggers who write Monthly Review posts, and I liked the idea of revisiting my month, too. So often I just (averagely) run through life; rare are the days that I reflect on what I actually accomplished (or didn't accomplish, for that matter). I stole gathered some ideas for these review posts from around the Blogosphere, so I hope ya'll don't mind (I'm talking to you, Run With Jess)!

Running Recap
Miles Run: 108.25

Longest Run: 20 miles

Races: None!

Running Moment of the Month: Getting over my fear of speed work by taking intervals step-by-step

RoadAgainMegan IRL
At Work: Enjoyed a yummy 10-day Spring Break away from the classroom. Having a breather at that point was much needed as Kalamazoo Marathon training ramped up and my tolerance for kids asking to use the bathroom 8,763 times per day was hitting an all-time low.

At Home: Ok, so it was the last day of April, but Kevin and I started work on the dirt pit, a.k.a, our front lawn. Hoping to see actual grass soon!

Blog Bits
Good Reading: Although I've been blogging for just about a year, I only just discovered the ginormous blogging community while on Spring Break. One of my favorite finds this month? Katy Widrick's entire blog. Katy shares tons of information on her site, focusing on everything from social media to food to fitness. Start here, and be ready to sink into the awesomesauce she has to offer.

On the Road Again... Again: Inspired by blog buzz, I enjoyed writing What Makes a Runner A Runner? Even better: Perusing the comments from readers as we sought to put the naysayers' negativity to rest.

What's New: Made a new running buddy! Found friends on the Daily Mile! Andddd... I joined Twitter this month. Follow me, if you'd like!

May Goals
Out of the Box: I've only ever take a single yoga class in my life (a bikram class that was waaaay above my average level). Yoga would be a nice switch from my traditional running schedule, and now that I'll be done marathon training for a while, I'll have some free time to go to classes.

Keep the Momentum: After the marathon on Sunday, I want to maintain decent mileage so I don't lose too much of my fitness level before starting to train for the Chicago Marathon. Plan: to keep a 15-20 mile per week base through May and 20-25 through June.

PR Performance: Set a new marathon PR at Kalamazoo! I have to beat my time of 4:47:05 from Detroit in 2009. Here we go... can't wait to take another photo like this:

Thanks for logging miles On The Road with me this month, and HAPPY MAY!

Question Time...

What are your May Goals?

Tell me about yoga! What types of classes do you recommend for a beginner like me?

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April Antics in Review + YOGA