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The Reset Theory

My dad like to preach the virtues of something he came up with and coined "The Reset Theory". His story always goes something like this:

"Throughout the years I would get your mother nice presents. Each year the present (usually jewelry) would get more and more extravagant until I didn't know how to top the last one. One birthday I decided not to give her anything. She was of course disappointed, but I had a plan. The next year I got her something small, like maybe a candle. Usually that wouldn't seem like a great gift, but after the previous years gift of NOTHING... a candle seemed great. She was thrilled to have just received SOMETHING, and the "Reset Theory" was born."

This is kind of a running joke in our family. On holidays, when we open gifts from our husbands, my dad like to advise: "I think its about time to use the 'Reset Theory'".

Well people, I am enacting "The Reset Theory"

No, I'm not going to take away your super duper giveaways. And I'm probably not going to skip Charles' birthday present this year. I'm going to apply it to my personal life.

My soapbox is moderation. I lost 128 pounds by eating good food "most" of the time, exercising and only indulging on occasion. I whole heartedly believe that's the best way to live because it's sustainable. I don't think its necessary to give up on treats.

That being said, I sat down today and took a hard look at the last few months. We've had a lot of changes, moving cross country, unsure job situations and family stresses. Somewhere, along the way, my eating habits have changed. I still eat good "most" of the time, but if I'm honest with myself, more and more junk is creeping in.

When you're running long miles, or at a "healthy" weight, its easy to justify an extra slice of pizza. And that extra slice isn't a problem, unless it happens often, and my friends I'm admitting that it has happened often. A cupcake here, some Valentines candy there, and suddenly I feel my healthy habits are in jeopardy,and my pants are feeling a bit snug.

So I am resetting, starting back at square one. I am recommitting. I am reminding myself how far I have come. There is no finish line to this journey of healthy living. It's important to take the time to be honest with ourselves, and adjust accordingly.

I can't change the slip-ups from the last few months, but I DO have control over today.

Today is a new day, and today I choose to be healthy!

(pics from The Keys,this time last year.I'm dreaming of beaches today)

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