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We all do it...

"This tank top shows my flabby arms!"

" Can these jeans be any tighter on my waist?"

"I'm wearing my baby doll dress today- I've been eating way too much pizza lately"

"What is this donut around my midsection?"

Self- criticism.

One of my goals (new year's resolution, if you will) this year is to stop being so critical towards myself.

And let me tell you--it's really hard.

I watched this cute, fit girl at the gym today pinch her non-existent underarm fat in front of her boyfriend and frown, asking what she could do to "tighten it up."

I judged.

Then I realized- I do things like this all the time. Out loud, sometimes. In my head, often.

I wish I was taller. I wish I had longer legs. I wish my hair was shinier. I wish my skin was brighter. I wish I was a size ____... you get the point.

How do we become this way? (And I don't mean just women, I know men do it too).

Is it the media? Our peers? Type A personality?

I think multiple factors play into self-criticism, and I'm making it a one woman mission to work on this with myself.

Starting with: My favorite feature is my green eyes.

How do you feel about yourself ? What do you like/dislike? Any good tips for self-lovin'?

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