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Black and Yellow

Hey blogheads-
Hope everyone's had a great weekend so far! My parentals made a surprise visit this weekend, so I was understandably busy (plus work from 7-5 on Saturday thrown in there ;-) ).

Anyway, it's Super Bowl Weekend, and I live in Pittsburgh---so you do the math. Black and Yellow time! Last night after dinner with my parents at Elbow Room (I got the Hot Veg- muenster cheese, hummus+veggie sandwich on indian harvest bread, w/ a side of sweet potato fries; plus shared desserts of hot chocolate cheesecake, apple crumble, blueberry pancake pie, and s'more pie), my friends had a Black and Gold pre-superbowl party. Complete with themed snax!- black and gold pierogies, chips, hummus and black bean dip, football shaped rice krispies treats, etc. Loved it!

Today we had brunch at Walnut Grill w/ the parents- I got cream of quinoa w/ brown sugar and craisins and a side of scrambled eggs. F-i-l-l-i-n-g.

After 6 miles on the treadmill, I'm ready to get some work done and head out to watch the big game.

Let's hope this year's halftime show will be an upgrade from previous--we haven't had an interesting one since Justin and Janet royally effed up.

Are you watching the Super Bowl? Who ya rooting for? And what will Fergalicious be wearing?

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