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It's the weekend so lets celebrate!

First off, today is the day I announce the winner of my first ever GIVEAWAY. Thanks again to Joel at You Bar for hosting this. And remember to use coupon code EIOP on your next order to receive 5% off!

According to THE WINNER IS:

I'm so happy for Diane. She is maintaining a 150 pound weight loss and inspiring many people along the way. CLICK HERE to check out her blog. And Diane-just email me your shipping info:

Thank you to everyone that participated. I plan on hosting another giveaway soon, so there will be more chances to win!

I was a winner too!

I recently won a giveaway from Crys at Fit and Flabless. Thank you so much Crys, what a wonderful giveaway. Check out what I scored:


In the spirit of being a "winner" I wanted to share a few compliments I've received recently. At the formal dinner I attended last weekend, one of my husbands friends walked up and introduced himself to me. I KNEW I had met this guy 3 years ago, and while I've only seen him once or twice a year since then I just thought it was strange. I went ahead and shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you." and he moved on. I asked my husband about it that evening and he let me know the story. His friend had later come up to him and asked if Charles had gotten a DIVORCE, and who the new girl was. Pretty funny, huh?

The next day we were in a jewelry store picking up a ring I had to have re sized. The same lady helps us each time and usually recognizes us. She knew who my husband was right away, but was a little cool towards me. While Charles was at the register she was helping me over at one of the cases. Finally she looked up and said, "I'm sorry, please don't be offended, but... ..have you lost a lot of weight?" I answered that yes I had and told here how much. She got a relieved look on her face and said, "I thought I remembered you as a "larger lady" but when Charles came in with you just now, I thought you were someone new."

So once again, people thought Charles had a new wife. I started these stories indicating that I was the "winner" here, but it sure sounds like Charles is a winner too. :)

I'd also like to say congrats to my mother who has lost 3 pounds this week and is also in the "healthy" range on the BMI. Great job Mom!

Now share your successes. Have you received any good compliments recently? Have you lost weight this week, or met a health/fitness goal? Please share, I'd love to celebrate along with you!

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