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Holiday Reading Recommendations?

I recently read "UltraMarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner" by Dean Karnazes. An Uncle of mine heard that I was into that sort of thing so he gave me the book to read. At first I had a little trouble with it because the dialogues seemed stilted. But I got into it, and found it really interesting and pretty inspiring (which is probably why I've mentioned him two times in my several posts). I guess when you spend 10 hours a day reading law texts just about anything that is written to entertain becomes really entertaining. His entire book is based around the theme "why do I run?" - which is a question lots of ultrarunners think about. Dean say he has boundless energy among other reasons: the loss of his sister, closeness with his family, etc. I think Dean has as good of a reason as anybody and probably a better reason than most (including myself). I don't think there is a satisfactory answer: someone who thinks that it is crazy will think it is crazy no matter what you tell them. But that being the case, I found a list of answers. My answer is probably closest to #23 or maybe #27 or maybe #11 or maybe...

Anyway, I am now on the prowl for a good book to read over Xmas break. Suggestions welcome!

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Holiday Reading Recommendations? + running man