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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Last year, while training for my first marathon, I started having twinges in my hips along the time of my first 16 miler. Figuring that was pretty normal with higher miles, I pressed on. By the time of my 18 miler I was having pain in my knee (distal ITB) with every step I ran. But I continued.

When we went out for our 20 miler,training came to a screeching halt. I was hurting, crying, but I kept running. And then my knee would no longer hold when I put pressure on it. I believe I got about 15 into it, literally crying as I went, before it gave out. Charles had to carry me back to the truck.

I was 3 weeks out from race day and frantic. I took to the pool. I put miles in on the bike. I took anti inflammatories. I foam rolled. I got massages. I obsessed. I got a steroid injection in my knee. I took those weeks off.

Come race day I went into battle. I was optimistic that the time off and meds would have me cured. If you remember my race report, then you know it wasn't pretty. By mile 2 the pain was apparent, at mile 10 the knee went out under me.

And I had a decision to make. I was at the split for the half. I could duck out and end my misery. But I didn't. We continued on. The remaining miles and hours are a blur. It was one of the most painful things I've been through.

I crossed the finish line and didn't run again for 8 weeks.

Was it worth it?


Would I do it again?

yes Um, no comment.

Ok, so maybe I would make that decision again, but there is part of that history that I WON'T be repeating.

Here we are, 4 weeks out from my next marathon, my redemption marathon. Training has been going great, sure I moaned and complained through the summer heat, but I'm methodically knocking those runs off the schedule.

My 16 miler was ok. My 17 miler was pretty darn great. This week's runs were great and I knocked out a speedy 8.6 miles on Thursday feeling fantastic. And then, on Friday I took Dash to the park. At one point I broke into a run with him and suddenly my IT band was screaming. Weird, but I figured it was a fluke.

I had stealth registered for a 5k for Saturday. I've picked up some speed and confidence lately and was looking forward to a PR. I also registered Dash for the kids run. We did the race last year, and I came away with an AG award and he came away with a love of races.

Walking down our stairs that morning I got a little worried. My IT band at the knee hurt but I was optimistic. It was a small race with packet pick up that morning. We picked up our packet and I had just enough time for a small warm up.

A few steps into the warm up it was obvious the knee was more than just sore, it was down right angry. With each step I had the stabbing pain I'd experienced last year, and I was faced with a decision.

I knew I had a PR in me. It was a great course, weather was terrific. Being a small race, I was also pretty sure of an AG award. And hey-I'd spent $ on it. Lots of reasons to race.

But one very good reason NOT to race: The past.

Mile 20ish(?) and hurting,obviously

Post race medic tent.

So, with those images flashing through my mind I made a decision I'm proud of: I stood on the sidelines and cheered on the other runners.

I decided taking care of my body was more important that a PR.

Yesterday's 18 miler was postponed. I'm icing,foam rolling, and will be calling my doctor bright and early. Because it came on so suddenly and acutely I'm going to see my regular doctor as well as get in for some ART.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and I'm determined to have a healthy race in 4 weeks, so I'm taking care of myself NOW.

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