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“Yes, I have a question”

A couple of weeks ago Dash asked “Mommy, when is Dash’s Day?” I reminded him his birthday is in October. He replied, “Not my birthday, my DAY. We had Mommys Day then Daddys Day, so when is it Dash’s Day?’

Got to admit, the kid has a point. Being the over indulgent good mother that I am, I quickly assured him Dash’s Day was the following Sunday. That Sunday when he woke up he remembered right away it was HIS day. He requested an egg and muffins for breakfast.


We then loaded up to visit Inner Space Caverns just north of Austin. These are caves that were discovered in the 1960s while a highway was being put in. Gorgeous and well preserved,it’s a great educational place to take your little ones.


He was SO into the whole thing. It was a group tour, but it may as well be entirely directed at him. While all the bigger kids were ignoring the tour guide he stuck right by her side and asked a ton of questions. As we went from cave room to room, he would raise his hand and say “Yes, I have a question” and then proceed to ask some pretty intelligent questions.


The caves stays in the 70s year round so it was a nice break from the 103 degree heat outside, but due to all the moisture there it is SUPER humid. Dash loved it and when he gets older we’ll be taking him back for the more extensive “explorer tour”.

After the caves we had some Cajun food and then hit up the frozen yogurt shop. This was his first froyo experience and it was super fun watching him make his choices of coconut, lime, tart and cake batter topped with sour worms,fruit juice balls and who knows what else.


He said it was the BEST DAY EVER! (and I agreed)


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