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She Bangs... Now YOU Bang Giveaway

But, luckily--You can Check out @FitintheMidwest for a chance to win two B.I.C. workout headbands of your own!

As a runner/Zumba-er/circuit trainer and proud owner of a ( fashionable, yet sometimes obnoxious) pair of bangs, it's important for me to keep them out of my face during exercise.
For years, I tried various bobby pins, clips, and headbands--but I typically ended up with sweaty strands plastered to my forehead. And thankfully--cue the dramatics--that all changed when I ordered my first Bic Band. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the company, check out my post "She Bangs" about my first purchase- the skinny orange flower band

And the skinny minnie brown giraffe band.

The verdict on these bands was clear---they stay put during exercise, are super cute, and are a personal, unique way to keep your hair out of your face during a workout (or let's be serious, a hot summer night on the town!).
Since this post I've purchased the skinny green sparkle,

along w/ the skinny brown sparkle and skinny hot pink bands.

The bands come in four sizes: skinny minnie, skinny, thin, and thick bands. They come in a huge variety of colors and patterns- perfect for every personality--even yours.

That's right, folks--Sandy Pearson, the founder of Bic Bands, has graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway on my lil' site--of not one, but two fabulous bands!

Here's what you have to do to enter: (each gets one entry)

1. "Like" Bic Bands on facebook.
2. Mention the giveaway on twitter
3. Visit the and tell me which color/pattern band you would choose.
4. Tell me where/when you would rock a bic band!
5. Tell me you did so in the comments section.

2 Winners will be chosen next Monday- each will get to pick their own band! Tell your friends, family, neighbors :-)

Have a great night! :-)

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