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BIC Band Giveaway Winners!

And the moment is here! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered the BIC Band giveaway! I'm so happy to see that there were a lot of standing BIC Band fans, and hopefully we've created a crop of new fans for Sandy's awesome business. Once again, a big thank you to Sandy Pearson for sponsoring the giveaway.

And on to the winners, courtesy of The Random Number Generator ...

#14 The Healthy Cupcake "I want a sparkly one!!!!"


#50 Amethyst " Don't laugh, but the first place I thought of is the labor and delivery room when I'm giving birth in a few weeks! I really want to go all natural and I actually have thought of how in the world am I going to keep those stray hairs from pestering me to death while trying to push this baby out ... and stay glam right? :)"

Congrats ladies! Enjoy your sparkles Melissa and good luck in L+D Amethyst! Please send me your mailing information and the BIC Band color and size of your choice and I'll pass the info along to Sandy (who will send your BIC Band to you).

Now, who has an idea for the next giveaway?

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