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7-Mile Test Drive Run

I had big plans for today's run - 7 miles - but it almost didn't happen.

When Kevin left for work around 8 this morning, I was up, mowing down some cereal and slugging back water, ready to go.

Then, somewhere between Good Morning America and Live! with Regis & Kelly (I live a very exciting, cable-free life in the mornings), a Hurricane Headache hit me hard.

Out of concern for LBA (and my own general aversions to pain meds), I didn't want to run to the medicine cabinet for an off-brand Tylenol or two.

I tried drinking more water. No improvement.
I tried eating a bit more cereal. Nothing.

So I schlepped myself upstairs, when I found BaxterCat snuggled up in our bed, practically begging me to come snuggle with her. So I did.

For two whole glorious hours.

And I felt much, much better. Good enough, in fact, that I immediately hopped out of bed and threw on my running duds.

Running While Pregnant Lesson I Learned Today: Let your body rest up. It'll tell you when it's ready.

I fueled up with a couple of Clif Shot Bloks in Lemon-Lime (caffeine free).

Some people hate the taste of these guys, but I love them. In fact, I'd eat them as a snack without running if people didn't think I was totally weird.

Since I want to run the Bastille Day 15k race (last year's recap), my plan was to test drive my body by running 7 miles today. I also planned to take a walk break at 2.5 and 5 miles.

The weather was great, temps hovering in the upper 60's when I took off at 11:30.

The first mile was slow - a 10:30ish pace - but that's ok.

Running While Pregnant Lesson #2 Learned Today: Getting warmed up and into a running groove takes a bit longer than it used to.

Then I fell into a comfortable pattern for the next few miles, keeping pace between 9:30 and 9:55. I almost felt like my old self.

Even though I didn't feel I needed it, I took a .13 mile walk break at mile 2.5.

Sorry for the turtle head self-portrait. I really need to make good on the yoga goal I've been making for the past 3 months and straighten out my posture.

At the halfway point, things were going swell. I kept a steady pace and felt excited that I was really doing this kind of distance again.

After a short jaunt up a hill at mile 5, I was ready, though, for another .1 mile walk break.

Running While Pregnant Lesson #3 Learned Today: Walk breaks are awesome.

Then catastrophe struck.

After pausing at a stoplight, I forgot to restart my Garmin.

(Ok, so that's not the worst catastrophe that could've happened, but forgetting to restart my watch is probably my #1 self-imposed running pet peeve!)

I didn't notice until I'd put in another mile or so. Damn!

At that point though, I was thirsty and ready to throw in the towel. Luckily, I'd just turned onto my street, and the huge canopy-like trees provided some much needed shade.

Dang it. I feel so much less bad-ass today. Thanks, Garmin, for killing what little self-esteem I had today. Ha.

After some doing some very intricate math on my phone's calculator (and trust me - it was the most scientific math ever, 'cause we all know I'm a math WIZ), I figured I ran about 6.5 miles at 10:34 pace.

Running While Pregnant Lesson #4 Learned Today: Be happy and celebrate every mile run, whether they be fast, slow, sweaty, or unaccounted for by a Garmin. Love that you are still out there running.

Do you have any odd running pet peeves?

Also, Megan and I are on the lookout for fellow Michigan-area runners for a meet-up! Email me or her if interested!

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