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3 Things Thursday

1. ART I've been kicking butt and taking names in training lately. Ok, maybe thats an exaggeration, but I HAVE had some stellar runs that left me feeling like I could take over the world. Unfortunately, my IT band pain returned on Sundays long run. It started hurting pretty early in the run, at 7 miles I decided it wasn't worth pushing so I called it quits and went home to ice it. The next day it still hurt so I called and made an appointment for some ART. Its a movement based massage technique used to treat problems with muscles/tendons/ligaments. I had heard tons of positive feedback from people who have turned to ART in the past. Yesterday was my first appointment. It was a little painful, about like a sports massage. The doctor noted that I was VERY tight and there were a few areas involved that we need to work on. He spent a lot of time in the hips and booty area. Along with the manipulation I'm also doing physical therapy. I've only had one session but I already feel MUCH looser.

At home I'm working on lots of trigger point exercises as well as clamshells which pretty much make me feel like Suzanne Somers.

2.Training- My coach and I are making some adjustments to my training schedule, some of which the doctor recommended. For now, I'll be dropping the 2 a days and only running every OTHER day until I can get a more consistent injury free base. I have a tendancy to want to do too much too soon and even with the guiding hand of Adam, I still ran on some days he said REST and just generally ignored the fact that I'm not superwoman.

3. I resist change-Dash poured a bottle of water on my blackberry bold Tuesday night. I tried drying it out in a bowl of rice but it was simply fried. I'm a die hard blackberry user and no matter how hard they tried, the AT&T people couldnt convince me to get an iphone. But, I did go outside of my comfort zone and get a Blackberry Torch. It has a touch screen but also has the regular blackberry keypad slideout that I love. Basically, if the blackberry and the iphone had a love child it would be my phone.

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3 Things Thursday + training