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Week 5

Week 5 of surgery went surprisingly fast. I really enjoy how much my team has bonded and it's made for a much more pleasant experience than what I expected. Energy-wise, I started to reach the end of my rope, as I've been subsisting on mini-workouts and protein bars for a decent period of time now. My to-do list is out of control and I am actually excited to have the time next week to sit down and get the things done I've been putting off since this rotation started. A few thoughts I have about the future:
A. I need a new laptop computer, hands down. At least for schoolwork-related activities. The battery on my Dell is officially dead, and my spyware has been acting mighty funky.

Any suggestions for reliable computers?

B. I need to get the heck out of my house in order to be productive. While I do have a desk and study area in my apartment, I find the appeal of the fridge, television, hubby, and my running shoes at arms length is incredibly distracting. I spent this weekend at Starbucks studying, and was amazed at how much more I get done when there aren't many options for ADD tendencies.

3. Mini workouts are effective, but I'm craving some long runs and hour-long fitness classes. Although it was a huge fear of mine that I'd gain a lot of weight on surgery, I don't think I have. I do feel a little sluggish, though, as my diet isn't as natural as it usually is. This weekend I made an effort to cut down on the crap- I hit up Whole Foods Salad Bar x 2 for spinach salads w/ veggies and lentils, and I tried out the bootcamp at my gym on Saturday with my friend Gillan (follow her @_Gbean on Twitter). I can't wait to get back into long runs, it's quite possible I may have to wear a bikini in the near future and lord knows that's anxiety provoking for everyone!

4. I think it may be time to chop off a few more inches of hair. I'm working on simplifying my beauty routine (waking up at 4am and getting ready in 15 minutes has changed the way I primp for sure) and I think this might be a practical way to do it.

As you can see I'm antsy for this clerkship to be over-- 5 more days and 2 tests stand in my way!

And now for your regularly scheduled shots from this weekend...
We went to an outdoor food/music sess down the road from our apartment... everyone in the neighborhood goes and luckily the weather held up!

What did you do this weekend?