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Week 4 Highlights

Oh blog world, I haven't (entirely) forgotten you... .
So my 4th week in the OR was actually a blast! I started a new service, and everything is completely different. My team is fun, I get to do a lot of procedures, and I feel useful :-). That's not to say I'm not completely exhausted (4 am comes mighty early), but getting up before the sun does have minor perks (hello free street parking..). This week went by fast, so I'm hoping the next 2 will fly by so I can get my life back for some summer fun!

This week's highlights include-
1. Body Sculpting Offer- a local company offered a handful of Pittsburgh bloggers the opportunity to consult w/ a new body sculpting service (I think laser or something) and receive a free fat-frying package (value $3,000!).
Unfortunately, I
a. don't think I have a ton of fat to lose,
b. feel like this goes against my values of healthy eating and exercise for a healthy body, and
c. I don't believe in cutting corners to achieve bodily "perfection."
Maybe when I'm older I'll sing a different song--but I'm 25 years old people!

I'll stick to this for now.

2. Half Marathon Thoughts: So, I'll be in Philadelphia in October for a med school test. The day after the test is the Baltimore Marathon/Half Marathon. I'm seriously thinking about running the half (Baltimore is my hometown), visiting with the fam, and trying to catch up with anyone who's around at the time. Thoughts?

3. Lady Football:
Last night hubs and I went with our friends to the Pittsburgh Passion Women's football game. It's legit, tackle football, helmets, pads, and all. The team is apparently undefeated, and last night they won 47-7 against Eerie. I didn't know a thing about the team before the game, but it was fun to watch, and looks like playoffs, here we come!

Denim dress $19.99 from H+M

The weather looked a little ominous...

But luckily the storm passed

Pre-game spread courtesy of TJs- Flax tortilla chips, Longboard tortillas, queso, pineapple salsa, oatmeal choc chip cookies, BBQ Popcorn chips, and...

Grillmaster hubs made the most delicious TJ's uncured chicken dogs!

Passion kicking butt..

Pittsburgh skyline

4. Baking:

I made some of these today, adding in blueberries and banana (in place of the applesauce). Delish!

If you were offered body sculpting, would you do it?

Have you ever watched women's tackle football?

Who's with me for the Baltimore Half?

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