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Intervals with Dash

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the adorable-ness that is my child Dash.

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m a plant killer. I LOVE fresh veggies, but I would be a failure as a farmer. I’ve been responsible for the death of more than one cactus. CACTUS-you know, those things that can live forever in a desert?! Yep, well they can’t live forever (or more than a short time) in Casa De Tricia. We all have our short comings people, lets not dwell on mine. Instead, lets rejoice that Dash has not inherited my black thumb.

If I am a plant killer then he is the plant whisperer. I guess the name “plant talker” would be more accurate, because that’s exactly what he does. He talks to his plants, he names his plants and he coddles them until they do amazing things. (like LIVE in my house, that kind of amazing thing)

Recently, he planted himself a tomato plant. It lives in a pot on our balcony. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would make it. But he vigilantly watered it, and sang to it and before we knew it a tiny little tomato was born.


He was super excited and would spend time ‘watching’ it change color each day until it was ready to be picked.


He was so proud of his tomato and barely let me take the time to rinse it off before he was ready to taste it.


Apparently it was “ the BEST tomato ever!”, and while I didn’t taste it myself, it’s certainly a tomato I’ll always remember.

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