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Watching Tuesday night TV reminds me of one thing...
I LOVE music. And covers. Like, a lot.

Tonight, Glee covered Fleetwood Mac--which I wasn't expecting much from but was actually awesome. Keeps hitting em out of the park every time. LOVE.

After Glee, hubby and I caught up on our other new favorite show, the Voice. It's been hyped up for months now and I didn't know what to expect--but it is so good.

The premise (if you haven't checked it out), is that many singers are judged by their looks rather than their voices (ahem Britney spears circa 1996). So on this show, the singers do their thing in front of an audience, and four musician judges (Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo, Blake Shelton)... with their backs turned.

The judges push a button in front of their chairs if they're interested in "coaching" the singer and their chairs swing around. If more than one judge picks the person auditioning--that person gets to pick which judge they want to work with. Each judge gets 8 singers to work with. This is the first round---and it's excitinggg! The judges fight over singers and the banter definitely made the season premiere. In the second round the team members will battle each other w/ 2 members singing the same song. One gets picked to move on... .and then there's a finale to pick... the Voice.
As you can see, my life is incredibly exciting on Tuesday nights... The Biggest Loser would have topped it all off (hello, makeover episode!), but my DVR epically failed and did NOT record it. I will be hijacking that ish from the internet tomorrow for sure!

Welp, I'm off to sleep some more. Must savor valuable time with my pillows and blanket as I won't be savoring it much during surgery.

If you were going to sing a song on a reality tv audition---what would it be?

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