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Getting Faster and Being Injured


Like I talked about last week, I'm really focusing on getting faster this training cycle. I'm honestly starting to think I've held myself back by labeling myself as a "slower runner". Honestly, I don't care what pace other people run at. If you're enjoying yourself, and you're happy with where you are as a runner then more power to you!

But I haven't been happy at where I've been. I know I can improve and I'm tired of letting a silly label I put on myself hold me back.

Luckily, my coach also thinks I have the potential to improve, so we have embarked upon a plan to get me moving faster.

I had an easy recovery run last Monday, then a 5 miler with the middle two miles at speedy pace on Wednesday, and then Thursday he assigned me a progression run. A few things scared me about the run.

1.I usually run every OTHER day, so I was interested to see how two harder paced runs would feel back to back.

2. He wanted me to run the last 2 miles at an 8:30 pace

Ummm, yeah right. I can run an 8:30 mile once, probably twice, but I really doubted I could do it TWICE at the tail end of a 5 miler. But I figured I would give it a shot, and we'd adjust my training plan based on how it went. And here is how it went:

Goal Pace Mile 1 (10:30 to warm up): actual pace was 10:34.Legs felt sluggish

Goal Pace Mile 2 (9:30): actual pace 9:28. Felt good,comfortable pace.

Goal Pace Mile 3 (9:00): actual pace was 9:10. This mile messed with my head, I was worried about the upcoming "fast miles" so I decided to put on my music.Unfortunately, the Walkman wasn't charged.I slowed down to fiddle with it. Finally gave up and knew I'd have to get inside my head and really focus to pull out the last two.

Goal Pace Mile 4 (8:30): actual pace was 8:32. I had been running with my husband, but asked him to let me run ahead so I could focus.For some reason I felt like I needed to conquer it alone.

Goal Pace Mile 5 (8:30): actual pace 8:29. This mile ROCKED! Seriously, I would almost say it was easy. I was so super in the zone, I almost felt like I was effortlessly flying.

And wow, I did it.

Thanks to Adam for having more faith in me than I had in myself.

BAD NEWS (which is still good):

So, I have a confession. I've been having pain on the outside of my left foot for 4+ weeks. I've been icing and ignoring. Now that we're past ZOOMA and Hell Run, and I don't have any races in the near future, I decided to go ahead and get it checked out. I honestly figured it was another stress fracture. In fact (and I feel silly about it now), I went so far as to pull out my air boot from last year just in case (because those things are crazy expensive and I wasn't going to buy another one).

Anyway, I went to the doctor, and he didn't see a stress fracture on the xray. They don't always show up on xrays, usually an MRI is needed. But, while he was feeling around he noticed the tendon in my foot was tender. He did an ultrasound to measure it and its super swollen. Its the tendon that stabilizes the foot. So, he gave me a steroid injection, anti-inflammatories and ordered me off it for a week.

I was OVERJOYED with the week off order. I went in there expecting 4-6 weeks off with a stress fracture and came out with just a measly week. yes! Hopefully this fixes the problem.

And this is the perfect week to take off. Plenty of time before I need to 'officially' start training for anything. Also, my husband is out of town this week which would've made juggling the kiddo and running difficult anyway.


There is this other small issue. I've had a procedure scheduled for awhile. It just happens to be on Thursday. I'm having a thermal ablation done on the nerve in my left heel. Same foot, separate issue. Basically, they are going to "burn" off the outside layer of my nerve. Details on that to come.

So, the little break my tendon needs somehow ended up timed perfectly. :)

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