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Treasure Hunt

Today's Workout: none. Still (yes, still) on recovery mode from the marathon. This is day 8. You can give me some side-eye. It's ok. I'm a lazeball right now.

I was a bad, bad blogger this weekend and didn't post a single thing. A few reasons:

  • We hosted my mom's 60th birthday party on Saturday. 20+ family members and friends, 9 feet of subs, and 8 hours of non-stop party action left 1 very, very tired Megan.
  • I had some technical difficulties yesterday capturing photos of the days adventures. Luckily, I figured it out today, so now we can get on with the show.
However, it was nice to have a little break from blogging. I'd been on a post-per-day streak for a while, and it was getting a little stressful keeping up with that schedule. It's not that I don't love writing for this tiny little piece of the Interweb, it's just that with work and marathon recovery, I was pooped.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to summer break (in FIVE weeks, yippee!) when I'll be able to commit to this blog a bit more and come up with interesting groundbreaking introspective some more lame stuff to write about.

But I digress.

On to what I was going to post about yesterday before technology got the better of me: Treasure Hunt Sunday!

The weather took a huge turn for the worse, and pretty much looked like this all weekend:

Barf. Sadface.

And just when we'd finally hit the 80's, and it finally felt like spring (if maybe even a bit like summer), Michigan says, "Uh-uh, girl. I will make sure you're miserable this weekend. I'll be taking you on this emotional weather rollercoaster, so buckle up, baby."

One thing the hubs and I like to do when it's raining or generally craptastic outside is to go shopping.

Confession: I think my husband likes to shop more than I do. I'm mostly okay with that. It's another reason why it's easy to be married to the guy.

So we set out. Kevin drove, as always.

We went to Ann Arbor so that I could hit up the Lands End Canvas store inside of Sears to return some jeans.

We walked around the mall, ate Snackers from Olga's, and prayed that parents had a lot of hand sanitizer as we watched the kids play in the mall's Germ Pit play area.

Then, things got real crazy. We went to REI to peruse their fun outdoor stuff before heading over to Whole Foods.

Another Confession: Yes, I think Whole Foods is a little pretentious. Yes, I do find $6 for a bag of granola to be a bit ridiculous. Yes, I will shop there anyway because they have stuff that I can't find elsewhere. Michigan's not exactly the mecca for health food stores.

So, we went to Whole Foods, and I went on a Treasure Hunt for some things I'd be wanting to try lately. Here's a smattering:

Ch, Ch, Ch Chia Seeds! I've been reading about these little guys on some of my favorite blogs lately, but had some trouble finding them. One tablespoon has 5g fiber, 3g protein, and only 60 calories. This bag was $10 - a little pricey, perhaps - but I figured it would last a long, long time.

Then I happened upon this:

PB & Co. White Chocolate peanut butter. Seriously, need I say more? I haven't had any yet, partially because I haven't had an opportunity and partially because I know that the container will be empty within 1 day of my digging in.

And last:

Izze Sparkling Juice. I've been trying to cut back on the Coke Zero, and most soda in general, so when I'm not sucking down La Croix water, I thought this might be a nice alternative. No caffeine or refined sugars, and it's 70% juice. A bottle has 130 calories, so it's not something I'd drink several of in a day, but it'll be a nice little treat when the weather finally turns and I want something cold and fizzy and sweet.

One thing we weren't able to find (at least not for under $7 a loaf!), was some gluten-free bread. I can handle paying $10 for a giant bag of chia seeds, but $7 for bread? Ridic.

So... . Help Me Out Here:
Know of any reasonably priced gluten-free bread brands? Or what about some simple GF bread recipes? I know nothing of the GF World, so school me!

Or tell me about a favorite new product you've tried lately! Where did you get it, what was it, and how did you like it?

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