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PTSOTW: Lady Gaga

I haven't been keeping up with the PTSTOW posts, mainly because I've been such a slug on the couch lately.

However, I haven't forgotten about the importance of always have good tunes to jam to! In fact, I got a tip from Paula's blog yesterday that one could score the newest Lady Gaga album for a mere $0.99 on Amazon yesterday (and yesterday only).

So I trekked over and downloaded that bad boy (or bad girl? Gaga's androgyny still gets me sometimes although I do find her mildly good looking).

Verdict? I'd have to say that I like The Fame/The Fame Monster better. That one didn't sound as... I don't know the term for it... over produced, maybe?

Regardless, the new album is certainly full of Gaga's signature sound, full of thumping bass lines, naughty lyrics, and messages to just be yourself. I suppose I can get down with that.

Whenever my husband gives me the side-eye for jamming to some Gaga, I defend the Queen of the Random Red Carpet Fashion by saying that homegirl can actually sing. She's got a good set of chops, and you have to at least appreciate the fact that she writes her own tunes.

And with that being said, Gaga shines most when she's baring it all on stripped-down, piano-laden tracks that showcase those bangin' vocals. I loved her live, "acoustic" versions of Poker Face and Paparazzi, and Speechless always leaves me, well, speechless.

So I was happy to see that Born This Way included the track You and I, a song I first heard when Gaga performed it last summer on one of the morning news shows. It's got that heavy, end-of-the-night-at-a-bar sound, but despite its somewhat ruggedness, the song manages to be a love song after all.

Aww. Sweet.

It's also Oprah's Last Show today. I just finished watching it, and - not gonna lie - I teared up a little. I was never a huge, screaming, hyperventilating fan of Oprah's, but she's been on the air pretty much since I've been alive, and it was sad to see her sign off for the last time.

Therefore, today's video is double dipper: it's Gaga on one of the last few Oprah farewell-type shows, singing a live mash-up version of Born This Way & You and I. Oh, and did I mention she plays piano on a giant stiletto while looking like a sting ray?

Megan Wants to Know...
Any Oprah or Lady G fans out there? What did you think of O's last show? Gaga's new album?

And, as always, send me suggestions for future PTSOTWs!

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