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MY Bar

Hope everyone enjoyed my post-race catharsis. In case you missed it--check it out here and here. I feel like I'm gushing about it, but I'm just so proud that I was able to do it and make it under my goal time! I think I may have to take a mini hiatus from running for awhile, as my left foot has been hurting since the end of the race. My legs felt much better today, and I was able to get in some weight circuits while watching Glee (hello tearjerker!). I also resumed normal eating, w/ a big salad for lunch, and Whole Foods salad bar for dinner (hubby's bribe for running errands with him). I was excited when I got home because these arrived today:

A few weeks ago, I bought $10 for $20 Groupons for myself and my mom to You Bar. I've ordered from You Bar once before, and was excited when the deal came out because they are decently expensive! You Bar was launched by a mother and son (Ava and Anthony) in 2006, and it is a company that allows you to make customized protein snack bars, cereal, trail mix, and protein shakes (because it's no secret I love customized food!) that are specific to your likes, food allergies, dietary needs, etc. I decided to order protein bars as those seem to make up the majority of my breakfast/snacks these days. I set out to make a bar that was tasty, had decent protein and fiber, and low sugar and sodium. To make the bar you go through a process of picking the ingredients:
1. Base- mine was Cashew Butter and Organic Dates (other options include other nut butters)
2. Protein Powders- I picked Whey protein (also have soy and rice
3. Nuts and Seeds- I picked pecans and chia seeds
4. Dried Fruits and Berries- mine has coconut and raisins
5. Sweeteners- I picked agave (low glycemic)- also honey and brown rice are available
6. Seasonings/Additions: my bar has semisweet chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla
7. Grains/Cereals- I picked crunchy rice cereal
8. Infusions- I chose fiber


Take a bite...

This baby is chock full of flavor, wholesome ingredients, and is incredibly delicious. It's a cross between a larabar and a granola bar, but with it's own unique taste. It's not too sweet, and I'm very happy with the nutrition info. 12 mg of sodium? 6 g protein? 2 g fiber? 152 cals? Amazing.
The only potential hitch in ordering from Youbars is the price. With the Groupon it still cost me about $20 for a small box of 13 bars. ($37.57 for a small box, ~$2.89 per bar). However, if you think about it, these bars are handmade, customized to your exact tastes, and have a satisfaction/freshness guarantee. For the quality and taste of the bars, I honestly think they're worth it. Just (on a med student budget), not a weekly food expense- I think they're great for gifts, if you have special dietary needs, or when you want to treat yourself.

Want a Nutty FlexitALLIEan bar? Enter re-order code iuj70 to get this bar. Or put your thinking cap on and make your own!

So tell me, would you spend $40 on a box of high-quality energy bars?

What ingredients would you put in your YouBar/shake/cereal/trail mix?

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