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A Marvelous Milkshake

Today's Workout: You got it: nothing. However, I'm thinking about going for a walk later. Does that count?

On Sunday, I went on a treasure hunt and bought this deliciousness in a jar:

I wanted to try it immediately, but I wasn't sure what to do with something so wonderful. Put it on a PB&J sandwich? Nah. Mix it up with some yogurt? ::shakes head::

Then I had an epiphany last night after a warm, comforting dinner of creamy chicken and rice. Elisha, one of my old college roommates, used to make peanut butter shakes for us after dinner when five of us ladies lived in a ramshackle white house on West Michigan Ave.

I remembered the thick, smooth creaminess of those shakes so, drooling already, I quickly headed to the kitchen to relive Elisha's magic milkshakes while trying out my new find.

Luckily, the milkshake only needed three simple ingredients, all of which I had on hand:

  • a hair shy of 2/3 c. milk
  • 1 and 1/3 c. vanilla ice cream
  • 1/3 c. flavored PB (I might be partial to the White Chocolate now, though)
I probably could've made these "healthier" but that's lame. Who wants a healthy milkshake?

I had to dip into the PB beforehand, you know - to make sure it was safe and all. (You can't always trust a jar that claims its product is "wonderful".) At first I thought it just tasted like regular PB, but then I was hit with a delicious wave of white chocolate. If I did drugs, I'm pretty sure this is what everything would taste like.

Directions for Even a Simpleton Like Me: Measure, pour, blend for 30-45 seconds, or until stuff is as smooth as a Smooth Operator.

Pour into one giant glass for yourself two chilled glasses for you and a special someone.

Drink. Enjoy. Snuggle with it if you want to, although it might be a bit cold. But the best ones always are.

I must be on a homemade frenzy this week because next up I want to try making these tasty looking petite lasagnas from Andie @ Can You Stay for Dinner?

What's your favorite recipe these days? Comment with a link to your recipe, blog post with recipe, someone else's blog recipe, etc...
If you're feeling real frisky, you can even send me a sample of said recipe! I ain't scurred.

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