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Nothing says romance like mud,beer and sweaty bodies

Several months ago I signed up for Hell Run. I had seen these weak KISS impersonators at the Rock n Roll San Antonio Expo. They told of mud,beer,super hero capes, and a KISS tribute band.

At the time of registration, I was given two options. Either the "Hell Course" which is 3.45 miles with 12 obstacles


wait for it



which is 6.85 miles and 20 obstacles

oh wait, I meant 20 "KICK ASS" obstacles

I looked over the shorter course, saw the usual mud pits, flames and raging water and thought "could be fun". But then I tried to pull up the "Super Hell" course and all I saw was "map coming soon".

Ahhhh... the lure of the unknown.

You can probably guess which one I signed myself up for. How could I possibly pick the wimpy little Hell Course when faced with the challenge of the SUPER Hell Course.

So, yeah, I went big. Oh, and I signed my husband up for it as well, figuring it would be a good bonding experience.

Afterall, nothing says romance like mud, beer and sweaty bodies.(actually that kind of makes sense)

Here we are, 5 days out from the race and they have FINALLY announced the Super Hell Course. Check it out(click to enlarge):

Pretty sure it's going to kick my butt. In a good way. :)I'm super excited!

Hell Run may be coming to a city near you, check them out HERE.

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