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LSD Saturday & Lessons Learned

The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much there is to learn about running.

That's part of what makes me a runner.

Today, during our final long run of 18 miles, I was reminded of learned a few important things.

And with just 15 days to go until the Kalamazoo Marathon, I'm thankful that I had the painful amazing opportunity to learn them. So here you go - a few pointers to help you through long runs, short runs, or any run at all, so you don't end up miserable like me.

#1 Just because you've never needed to use Body Glide before doesn't mean you'll never need it. Meaty thighs like mine are apparently not chafe-proof. I will be purchasing a nice fatty stick of Body Glide for Kalamazoo for sure.
(and I interrupt this message to warn you of the pasty inner thigh photo that's about to follow. Yeah, sorry in advance.)

#2 You can never have too much water. I'd only planned on drinking one bottle of water, but it turned out to be pretty warm today. Taking better care to plan water stops would've been beneficial because dehydration is NOT cool.

#3 Be ready to strip down. Like I said, the weather took a turn for the warm today, and as temps climbed near 70 by the time I was 10 miles in, my body started to churn out the sweat. Layering would've been a better idea. It didn't help that I was wearing a black mockneck (should've learned this lesson a few weeks ago).

Experience truly is the best teacher.

But wait - there's one more, one very important lesson that I tend to forget sometimes.

#4 Just when you think you can't get through one more step, you can and you will. So I didn't make it through the 20 I'd originally planned for today, but 18 is pretty damn good.

Despite all of the pain incurred today, it still ended up being a Hot Pace Day. And for that, I'm thankful.

Megan Wants to Know... What big lessons have you learned out on the road?

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