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The Workout that Cures Exercise Induced ADD

Sometimes it takes every ounce of my motivation to get a workout in. It seems like this week I'm struggling to get into the exercise groove. However, there are other weeks where I can't get enough of the stuff, so I believe it all balances out! Today I combated my "Exercise-Induced ADD" by creating a quick, varied workout that gave me no time for boredom. I also promised myself a trip to Trader Joes after the gym, but that's beside the point :-P.

I give you the:

No Boredom Here Circuit Workout w/ Cardio Intervals
Super quick, super sweaty 30 second-1 minute alternating arm-leg-ab intervals w/ cardio interludes.No gym necessary, you can do most of this in your living room or in the neighborhood.
Interval and circuit training are the best (in my opinion) way to get the most bang for your workout buck. Give it a try if you haven't already! Or if you're in the area and want to come workout with me- give me a shout ;-).

Ingredients (haha- ok Equipment)
1-2 sets of hand weights (I used 10 pounders), or heavy objects lol
aerobic step (or house step)
pilates/yoga mat or soft carpet
treadmill/elliptical/bike/stair stepper (or track, or neighborhood w/sidewalks)


Circuit 1:
Legs: (I used 2 10 lb weights- you can weight yours or not!)
20-30 weighted squats (hold weights on your shoulders or at your sides)
20 forward lunges- 10 on each side
20 side lunges
20 curtsy lunges

Arms: (using your choice of weights or exercise bands)
20 shoulder presses
20 rapid alternating bicep curls
20 weighted punches (just like normal punching with weights in hand)
20 tricep kickbacks
15 push-ups

Abs: (based on P90X Ab ribber exercises)
20 "In and Outs"- sit with hands behind you supporting upper body, bring knees into chest, straighten, and return to chest.
20 leg bicycles in each direction- maintain supported seating position, cycle legs forward 20x and backward (don't let your feet touch the ground!)
20 "Crunchy Frogs" - Stay in sitting position, hung knees to chest, release and straighten arms and legs, return knees to chest

crunchy frog

Cardio Interlude:
15 burpees


30 seconds step jumps (jumping onto and off of step)
30 seconds alternating step touches (jumping from foot to foot, tapping step with each switch)

Circuit 2:

20 Jump squats
20 weighted "sumo" squats (wide legged, toes turned out)
20 jumping sumo squats

20 tricep dips on the step
20 decline pushups with feet on step
20 overhead tricep presses
20 "arnold presses"

arnold press

20 bicycle crunches
20 "heels to the heaven"- lay on back, legs at 90 degrees, lift bottom off the ground a few inches, return to ground, repeat
1 minute ab hold (elbow plank position)

Cardio Interlude:
30 seconds jumping mountain climbers

mt climbers- jump switch legs in push-up position
30 seconds step jumps
30 seconds alternating step jumps
30 seconds jumping lunges

Um, let's just say I didn't stop moving for this entire workout and felt like my whole body was challenged! You can definitely add your own exercises, repeat the circuits, etc. The whole thing took me about 20 mins- great if you're pressed for time or just aren't feeling a long workout.
Then I hopped on the treadmill to complete my interval workout

Yea, I really only ran for 15 minutes. However- this interval workout is not for the feint of heart! I kicked my butt in that short period of time :-) Feel free to repeat on your favorite piece of equipment or in your neighborhood, and increase the time as well.

Super-Short Cardio Interval Workout (adjust mph to your fitness level)
2 minutes warm up (I'd already warmed up w/ my circuits)- 7.0 mph
1 minute fast run 8.0 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
1 minute fast run 8.0 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
1 minute fast(er) run 8.5 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
1 minute faster run 8.5 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
1 minute fastest run 9.0 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
1 minute fastest run 9.0 mph
1 minute recover 7.0 mph
30 seconds fastest sprint you've got- 10 mph
cool down

I really truly hate sprints. This was my monthly attempt at improving my speed, which is important to have at the end of a race! This workout was really fun and motivating- the tv on my treadmill was broken (yes my gym has TVs on its equipment- so frivolous :-)) and I didn't have my ipod headphones so I watched my reflection in the tv and really pushed it. Plus my feet were pounding on the treadmill so hard people were looking at my craziness (more motivating for me!) as I sprinted in a row of joggers.

This Sweaty Betty forgot a clip/headband for her bangs. Woops!

Try some circuit intervals in your next workout for me! I've got plenty of combos in my head if you want some inspiration.

See you later- Pom Mango Smoothie and Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potato "Chips" recipes to come!


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