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10-10-10 Race

(I haven't mentioned my sons name on my blog before, and for now I plan on keeping it that way. BUT, instead of always referring to him as "my son" or "little man" I decided to give him a blog nickname. This weekends race solidified his nickname. From now on he will be referred to as Dash, which is of course a movie reference that you'll get bonus points for knowing.)

10-10-10 Race

Dash's birthday weekend was jam packed. We celebrated Friday, spent Saturday on the train and had his big race Sunday morning. He was so excited leading up to the race. We went through all the normal race preparation for him. (the fun parts, minus the stress)

Saturday he carb loaded with pizza:

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to packet pick up. It was too adorable watching him tell the ladies his name to get his packet. He then fueled pre-race with a bagel:

It was soon time for MY 5K. And off I went:

(I'm sure that was an EXCELLENT shot of me running, but that fellow in the yellow shirt totally blocked my paparazzi ;)

Mini-race recap for me: I did set a new PR, but I wasn't incredibly happy with my performance. I felt like I "ran" the race instead of "raced" it. (this pic was right after I crossed the finish line, was a bit disappointed)

But on to more important things... ..

After my race it was time for his, and he was SO excited!

I ran beside him with the Sony Bloggie Cam (love) and recorded the whole race.

The best part was hearing him yell, "This is SO FUUNNN!!!" as he ran.

Eye on the finish line, so focused:

Showing off his "Winner" ribbon:

Post race recovery drink of choice: Snow Cone

While he enjoyed his treat, the race directors started the awards ceremony. Imagine my surprise when the 1st place winner of the female 20-29 division was ME. (pretty sure they had to call my name twice)

We had an amazing family race day, I look forward to many more to come!

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10-10-10 Race +