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Run Rabbit Run 50: Pre-Race jitters or something

Before Leadville I signed up for the Run Rabbit Run 50. I don't know why. I guess I thought I'd be totally healed a month after Leadville and I'd be ready to run against. In all honesty, I'm not sure I'm prepared. I'm not worried about my fitness level. Rather, I am worried about my mental preparedness - I'm just not that excited about this run, which is weird.

Since Leadville I've had a hard time finding my 'groove.' There have been a bunch of factors that contribute to this other than recovering from Leadville, mostly school, work, and the lack of time I've had.

That being said, almost every run I've done over the last month has been great. So why aren't I psyched for RRR50? Maybe it's because I've done this run before. Maybe...maybe...maybe....

I don't know why I'm not stoked. But I do know this: It's going to be a great weekend up in Steamboat whether I'm excited for the run or not. Aside from the high country valleys, ponds, and the generally incredible scenery, this run is great for another reason: the finish line is directly next to the Steamboat Oktoberfest. Hell yeah!

Last year I was fairly dehydrated after the run, so I didn't partake as much as I would have liked. After running several more (demanding) ultras I think that I'm a bit stronger, but that I'm more in tune with fueling. A consequence of that is (1) I'll run better and (2) I can drink more after the run! wooooohoooo.

It isn't like I'm dreading the run. I'm just not excited for it like I have been excited for runs in the past. If you're heading up to Steamboat this weekend, stop by the Oktoberfest and hang out with me (after I run). If you're not heading to Steamboat, you better be doing something fun b/c otherwise you're just missing out. Na Zdrowie! (Polish, not German, but there's a good story behind that.)

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