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I'm visiting my grandparents this week. Instead of blogging I am spending my mornings on the front porch drinking coffee with my grandmother, devouring a new homemade dessert each day, and resting an aching foot.

All of that is keeping me away from the computer, but I wanted to take a moment to direct you to a few interesting things going on around our community. Great giveaways, running tips and race reports:

  • My GU giveaway ends today: CLICK HERE
  • My CEP Compression sock giveaway ends today: CLICK HERE.
  • Alexa had a run in with a knife & needs some virtual hugs:HERE (I'm sucking up to her because I promised to give her a nudge to go running and I forgot.*sorry*Feel free to give her hugs AND nudges)
  • Melinda Hinson Neely offers up ways to get out of a running rut: HERE.
  • Chris is giving away a free running form analysis: HERE
  • Adam WON a recent 5k. Read about his awesomeness HERE.

What do YOU have going on this weekend?

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