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How I survived

Thanks for all the kind comments on yesterdays post. It was interesting to see the difference in how guys responded to my "mommy emotions" and how women responded. :)

Well, I promised you I would share my secrets to how I survived 15 miles on the treadmill. Ready?

I knew going into it that 15 miles on a treadmill would be mentally excruciating so I played a few mind tricks along the way. Right off I broke it down. I told myself I would run 3 five milers. With each 5 miles I would switch treadmills for a change of scenery, or at the very least go to the potty.

First off... Golds Gym has AMAZING treadmills. (thank you Golds)

Miles 1-5 were easy peasy.(which is a highly technical running term I've only recently become familiar with)

At mile 5 I hopped off to take care of those tummy issues I talked about HERE.I grabbed a quick drink and a Pineapple Roctane GU.*

I got back on the same treadmill and went ahead and decided to push out 3 more miles as I started scoping out which machine I would use next.

Quite frankly, I was bored.

But I couldn't quit, you see... on the elliptical in front of me I saw this:

(ok,thats obviously not the "actual" guy I saw-but you get the idea)

The guy in front of me was TEARING IT UP on the elliptical. Oh, and he only had one leg. (and one pretty nifty prosthesis) How could I quit from mere boredom with an example like that? Miles 5-8 were ran with that in mind.

But he moved on to weights and I moved on to this guy:

(wipe the drool off your keyboards ladies)

No, I didn't have the pleasure of running on a treadmill next to Sam Worthington,which is really just too bad. I'm thinking if I was on a treadmill next to him I wouldn't have stopped at 15 miles, pretty sure I could've kept going. **

Wait... what were we talking about?!?!

Oh yes, running.

I had the pleasure of having Sam on my run because our Golds Gym has something called a "cardio theatre". (Do most gyms have these?)

Basically its a bunch of cardio equipment in a dark theatre. (yes, I spell it "theatre" as opposed to "theater" because it makes me seem European,something I'm sure Sam would find attractive.)

You run/ride/whatever while you watch a movie. On Sunday they were playing Clash of The Titans.

Its not a movie I would usually be interested in, but it did help miles 9-15 go by. ***

Unfortunately even Sam wasn't enough to get me through those last two miles. I truly prefer to run outside, there is just something mentally draining about being on a treadmill.

The last couple of miles were spent like this:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Luckily the movie was loud, so no one noticed me counting to myself. ****

I was tired, drained mentally and emotionally (see previous post), and was dealing with tummy issues and the only way I got through those last two miles was by taking it ten steps at a time.

But those ten steps, over and over soon added up and before I knew it I had ran 15 miles. ____________________________________________________________________________

* Speaking of GU, did you see my giveaways listed up top?

**Don't worry,my husband doesn't read my blog. Errr... usually...

***I also found that varying my speed helps pass the time

****Unless the lady next to me was chuckling because she COULD hear me

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