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Monday Meanderings

1. Marathon Virgin: Melinda Hinson Neely is working on a book about first time marathoners and I am excited to announce I'm one of the handful of runners she will be featuring at length in her book. You can find out more about it HERE.

2. We have arrived:Thanks for everyones well wishes with the move. The drive from South Florida to Central Texas was... .eventful. :) Everything from our moving truck getting stuck in the mud in Louisiana, to having to pee on the side of the road, to our GPS dying. BUT we arrived safely and only a little worse for wear. And of course we have some great stories to tell (most of which I'm too embarrassed to tell on my blog. :)

3. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..: During my runs my feet feel heavy and lazy and after running they are sore across the top. They just seem tired. I'm in new shoes and I'm not sure if thats the issue or if its the orthotics. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

4. Two thumbs up: I don't have any reviews on how the Vibram Five Fingers feel for running (since I DON'T run in them), but I can honestly say they are the BEST driving shoes. We spent roughly 24 hours driving and my feet were very happy. I usually prefer to drive barefoot, but then its a hassle getting shoes on and off each time we stop. The VFFs were a great solution.

5. Giveaways: I am WAY behind on my giveaways/reviews. Check back later this week for an awesome Sugoi giveaway.

6. Ice Age: We haven't secured housing yet (since we have no idea where my hubby is going to end up working), so we are visiting my parents while he looks for a new job. I am thankful we have a place to stay temporarily, however I will have to learn to be a more patient person. My parents only have DIAL UP (*gasp* yes, it still exists). I imagine I will be making regular trips to the library to stay caught up on every ones blogs.

7. Overwhelmed by emails: The move has put me WAY behind on responding to emails. I love getting every ones emails though,and I promise I'll get back to everyone asap.

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