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Long Run Sunday

Some people think I'm crazy for loving running. I figured out today that those people have never had the joyous experience of LSD Sundays.

LSD = long, slow distance. Most runners training for a given race complete one such run each week of their schedule. The run is obviously long (at least a few more miles than any other run during the week) and is meant to train your feet to keep moving for long periods of time; total time and speed aren't as much of a factor on LSD days than they are during quality speed and tempo workouts.

I was scheduled for 8 miles of LSD today and though I didn't prep my body very well yesterday (went shopping, drank not enough water, managed to eat turkey burgers, a pickle, some Godiva chocolates, and about 6 Trader Joe's Jo-Jo cookies within a few hours), I managed to complete the run on pace (10:34's) without a problem.

But the best part of today's run, perhaps, was not that I merely completed it. It was the feeling of getting back into the groove of running, to enjoy the run without necessarily having to worry so much about speed. It was the ability to just zone out along the wide path of Hines Drive, cars whizzing by and iPod blaring Kings of Leon and Jimmy Eat World. I haven't had a good day like this in a while, and I'm thankful for it.

Today's Point Two: Highlight your training schedule. I keep my schedule posted on my fridge door. Though it doesn't deter me from snacking excessively, I do love to come in from a run and highlight the distance completed for the day. If for some reason I miss a day, I draw a big X through it on the calendar. Albeit a small victory, highlighting those miles gives me great joy; plus, it provides a nice visual reminder to keep training. I know I don't want to look at the schedule and see a ton of X's... that yellow marker just looks so much happier :)

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