The Connection Runners + week two

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Monday Meanderings

1. HELLO TEXAS: We are in Texas for the next few days. My husband is having a heart catherization done at Brook Army Medical Center. There aren't any Army doctors back in Florida (since there aren't any Army bases... ) and this is the closest electrophysiologist. So, we hopped on a plane and headed to my home state. Prayers for his procedure and results are apprecited.

2. LONG RUN: We had a ten mile run yesterday... ..but since I'm writing this in advance (p.s. its actually Saturday night), I can't tell you how it went. BUT for the sake of the power of positive thinking lets say, "It was the best 10 miler ever. Legs felt like they could've run 20 miles. It was hard to make myself STOP! The birds were singing, it was a cool 62 degrees and I never broke a sweat"

hehe... hows THAT for wishful thinking?!? :) I'll pop back on soon and let you know how it actually went.

3. RACE COURSE: We were planning on running the 10 miler on the last leg of the Rock N Roll SA marathon course, but when I got online to check the route it says they are CHANGING the route and it won't be announced until the end of the month. Here's hoping they don't add in too many hills. :)

4. TOO ATTACHED? My family lives two hours north of San Antonio, so I expect we will see them while we are here. They have offered to watch my son overnight so he doesn't have to hang out at the hospital and in a hotel with me... .but I'm not sure if I can leave him. The longest I've left him is like 4 hours. He is two and a half, and it IS my family after all but I just don't know if I'll be able to leave him overnight. My husband says I'm "too attached" to him... but is it possible to be TOO attached to your child?

5.WEEK TWO COMPLETE:So, as long as I completed that 10 miler (and I am 100%positive I will), then I am finished with week 2 of marathon training. Yippeee!

Have you been to Texas? What's your favorite city? (mine is Austin)
Have you left your child overnight?If so, how old were they?

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