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Country Roads, Take Me Home

Ahh, John Denver. You sing it so true.

Rode 42 miles today with my sister-in-law, Kim, out on the "back country roads" of Genesee county. Hot sun, cars whizzing by, rolling hills - what's not to love? Nothing, save for my bike seat, which is clearly in need of a height adjustment. Apparently, it's too low, as my right knee screamed at me during the last 10 miles or so of the ride. Must. raise. seat. asap.

Regardless, it was a good ride and one that made me feel like a normal average athlete again. Since the tri, I've only been running tidbits, 4-5 milers that have been done in the heat and with a slow, untimely gait. Biking gave my body a chance to stretch out, work different muscles groups, and break a sweat doing something other than running or stuffing my face with junk food and beer (I've been doing much more of the latter, lately. ugh.)

Yet running will surely take more time soon, as I've recently committed to the Detroit half on 10.17, with a goal of breaking the 2-hour mark (read: run at least sub 9:09/mile to meet/exceed goal. eeekkkkkkk.)

I will get a chance to rub elbows with other runners this Tuesday though, which will be fun. I'm going to run with the Downtown Detroit Runners, a club that said sister-in-law belongs to. They meet once a week (at a bar, no less), run, then sit back for a beer and some chow. That's my kind of running! If all goes well, I might make it a point to join them permanently, or at least check out another local running club. Social workouts = good times.

Today's Point Two: Must I even say it? John Denver's "Country Roads." Contrary to Harry Dunne (a la Dumb and Dumber), John Denver is not full of sh!t. "Country Roads" is a bad ass tune. Download it now!

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