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Monday Meanderings (the happy boobs edition)

1. MY HOW THINGS CHANGE: On Friday I went on my first real date in a year. I'm not a loser... just married with a toddler. :) Usually our "dates" are actually just us running together, and while that is nice... #1. The kiddo is with us and #2. We are way to sweaty (not in a good way) for it to be considered romantic. My sister is in town so we were able to leave my son with her and head off to paint the town red.

But, it turns out that when you get married and have a kid, "painting the town red" pretty much just means getting dinner and going to a movie. Why didn't anyone warn us? Apparently when you have a child you lose all desire to go out and act your age. Instead of hitting up a hot club we hit the 7pm viewing of "Grown Ups". (funny movie by the way). The thing is, sure we could leave the kid worry free for a few hours, but nothing would change the fact that come 7 am the next morning I would be the one taking care of a two year old. And at this point in my life I can't imagine anything worse than dealing with a hang over and a 2 year old at the same time.

(hopefully THIS poor schmuck reads this and realizes what he is in for)

The funny thing is, it may sound like I'm complaining but I was actually THRILLED to be home by 9:30pm. Being home in time to cuddle with my son as he went to sleep was the perfect end to a lovely evening.

2. NEW LOVE: I've fallen in love with a lady named Bridget. She is supportive, comfortable to be with and just plain makes me happy. The great thing is my husband is totally on board with this new relationship. You see, Bridget is my new sports bra. No, I didn't name her myself (that would be weird), the people over at Sugoi did that for me. I have seriously fallen head over heels for their Bridget Bra.

In the past I had to double up on sports bras to get the proper amount of support during runs, but then would end up with sore shoulders from the added pressure in the straps. I'm happy to say I don't have that problem with this bra. It is easily the most supportive yet comfortable sports bra I have EVER worn. An added bonus is that it has a closure in the back that makes it easy to slip on and off, because nothing is worse than struggling to get out of a sweaty sports bra after a 10 mile run.

So far the only complaint I have is that Bridget has ruined me for other sports bras. You see, I only have one so when I wear my other ones I end up spending most of my run longing for Bridget.

Am I laying it on too thick? :) In all seriousness, I am thrilled to have found a sports bra that WORKS for me. If I had to sum up this bra I would say it is: Comfortable enough to sleep in yet supportive enough to run in. Perfection. Check them out HERE.Your boobs will thank you.

3. Marathon Training: Today officially kicks off marathon training. Ready, set, go! Well, today is actually a "rest" day. Wouldn't want to overextend myself before I ever get started. :) So join me tomorrow for: Training Tuesdays, or Track Tuesdays, or Terrible Tuesdays, or Terrific Tuesdays. I haven't named Tuesdays yet, whats your vote?

4. Finally made it to the year 2006: Yes, I have finally joined the outer fringes of the cool crowd and broke down and ordered myself a Garmin. Since I'm cheap... errr... frugal I went with the 305 off Amazon. Yes, I know it will be huge but I'm telling myself thats a bonus. Surely it will help add muscle definition in my arms, right? So start brainstorming ideas for names people. He will be pushing me during training so I'll need something to yell at him other than four letter words. Thanks!

5. Giveaway: Don't forget to enter my Sweaty Band giveaway HERE. Retweet today for an extra entry, leave a comment on the giveaway letting me know.

What is your favorite sports bra?
What should I name my Garmin?

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Monday Meanderings (the happy boobs edition) + training