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Monday Meanderings

1. Winner Winner: The winner of the Ryders Eyewear sunglass giveaway is Darlene. Shoot me an email with your address:

2. I'm a stalker: I LOVE the Internet. :) I was so super duper excited for those racing Rock N Roll Seattle this weekend that I spent a chunk of time virtually spectating their race. I stalked people twitter accounts looking forward to updates. had a great set up where I could punch in names and track where people were in the course. And of course the finish line live video feed was awesome! I seriously spent too much time watching strangers, but I LOVED it. Congrats to all the racers!

3. Family: Four family members came in town last night and three more come in today. We are going to spend the afternoon on Ft. Lauderdale beach, I'm crossing my fingers for good weather.

4. Running: Lots to update of the nerve/foot issues. I'll write a full post soon, but to sum it up I finally sucked it up and plopped down the dough for custom orthotics. Hoping and praying the correction of my ridiculous overpronation will cut down on the issues. AND everyone should be proud, I FINALLY got a belt for pool running. My husband and I have been having "races" in the pool. Its a fantastic workout!

5. Mini Rant: Ummm... .an inch is a pretty standard meaurement, right? Like ONE inch is the same to me as it is to you, right? Just checking. I went to get my hair TRIMMED and showed the girl one inch. Then I confirmed with her what she was going to cut, she said "And inch and a half TOPS". Well... 4 inches later... .
*sigh* I guess this will be a lot cooler this summer.

What are your plans this week?
Anyone else check out the live RnR Seattle feed?

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