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Boring? So what!?!

So, my sister has jokingly been giving me a hard time about how "boring" my blog has been lately.According to her I have become much more sentimental/reflective/self-analyzing. She likes to read other peoples embarrassing or funny stories that happen along their fitness journey. Something along the lines of... ."I went running yesterday... .had to throw up on the side of the road." Maybe with a picture included. (Ok, she might not have actually suggested that)

She let me know yesterday that she enjoys Cranky Fitness much more. Ummm... yeah... .because Crabby (and guest bloggers) are witty, sarcastic geniuses. :) Ok, enough sucking up to a Blogging Great.

My father gave me some good advice regarding this blog. "Just be true to yourself." Obviously, if I HAD thrown up by running I could mention it, but that hasn't happened and I'm pretty sure I'd never show a picture of it. My posts have naturally become more reflective lately because I've reached a point in my journey where I'm not focused on just losing weight. I'm working on fitness goals and maintaining lifestyle changes.

I started this blog pretty late in the process so there is tons of stuff that you guys missed. My original post stated that part of the reason I committed myself to losing weight was because I wanted to be a good mom.

This is me and my son this time last year.

Pretty painful to look at. The funny thing is, I remember when that picture was taken and I thought, "Black is slimming". HA!

Listen up Kim--here is your embarassing story:

Right before Thanksgiving last year I went to sit down in one of our dining room chairs. I was holding my son. When I sat down--THE CHAIR BROKE.

Yep, at close to 280 pounds that poor chair leg was just not capable of holding me and we ended up on the floor. No one was around, and luckily my son was fine, but I was mortified.

I have never told my husband about this, he is learning about it the same time as everyone else is.(As you read this he is probably inspecting our chairs looking for my repair job. Sorry Honey.)

I found his wood glue and hoped and prayed I could fix it before he came home. Furniture repair while holding a baby is not an easy thing, but I managed to keep it from him until today.

I no longer have to be embarrassed of that story. I no longer weigh 280, I weigh 170 and I can confidently sit in any chair without worry. That confidence tastes better than any pizza ever did! (Sorry Kim, guess it turned sentimental after all.)

Here is a picture from this years pumpkin patch.

I know my readers are at various points in their journey, but I'd like to give a shout out to those of you who are just starting or are struggling. YOU can do it! One step, one good choice at a time. It all adds up to great things.

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