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So we are five days away from my first race. (5K Race for the Cure)I'm feeling pretty good about it. I have no problems running 5K and even managed to bring it in under 29 minutes the other day.

I have been "preparing" for this race for a month or so now. I am making sure I run on a daily basis, eat "clean", and drink plenty of water. It got me thinking... .

Many of us find it helpful to have a set event in mind to train for. We are able to stay committed because we know that race is coming up. But once the event has passed it is easy to slip into bad habits. Sooo...

We should train for life like we train for our upcoming races.

Our set event is simply "life". We know we want to feel healthy and live a long life so we need to train for it.

--We should exercise daily in order to prepare our bodies for "old age". Guess what, without the daily "training" you'll reach "old age" much quicker than with it.

--We should eat healthy and drink water to keep our bodies functioning properly. We need to treat them with respect, and help them last longer.

--We need to mentally prepare ourselves by staying positive. I often give myself a pep talk as I run. "You can do it, great job, keep it up". Staying positive in life is also good training. "You are amazing, you can do anything you set your mind to".

--Write your goals out. Why not? We do it for our upcoming events, school and even career goals, so do it for health."I want to be a healthy, fit mother/grandmother." "I want my body to be able to function without medication." "I want to run a marathon at the age of 50". We can continually add to this list and refer back to it to remind us what we're preparing for.

If I had signed up for the 5K and failed to prepare for it then my results probably wouldn't be very good. The same thing applies to life. If I fail to "train" for it, then I can't expect to exceed at it.

So lets get to training people!

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