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My best few years of running...

I'm turning 27 tomorrow. Rather, I'm rounding the last corner in my race to 30. It's kind of like running the last .2 miles of a marathon, the last .1 of a 5k, the last mile of a long bike ride. I've loved and hated various moments within my 20's, just like I've loved and hated various moments in a race - cried out in pain, fist pumped in joy, walked to catch my breath, sprinted to speed through a tough stretch of road.

When I tell those younger and older than me what age I'll be tomorrow, they often squint and shoo away the number with a flick of their wrist. From my older friends: "27? Oh, I remember what that's like. You've got a lot of life ahead of you" or, from a student: "27? That's not too old Mrs. A; at least you're not as old as my mom". Despite such reactions, every year I turn older, I feel, well, old. Like I'm behind in the race to something, and I need to sprint to stay with it.

There's good news to be heard, though, in turning 27. I've read article after article that states a runner doesn't peak until their late 20's. So, as I make my way towards 30 tomorrow, I think it's time I lay out a few goals in order to take advantage of what could kick off my best few years of running.

  1. Run a sub-26 minute 5k. My PR to date is 26:15, and that was on a somewhat hilly course. I'd love to see a 25:xx finish either at the Corktown 5k on 3/13 or MSU Shamrock Run on 3/19.
  2. Complete the Chicago Marathon in 4:15 - 4:30. Chicago is one of the Big Five Marathon Majors (with Boston, NYC, Berlin, and London), and might be the only one of these five that I ever get to do, so I want to run well.
  3. Rebound from a miserable performance at the Tigers' Opening Day Dunkin' Donuts 1/8 Mile Race. My team took fourth last year after I failed to quickly switch into the official Cup E. Coffee race shirt and race down a back alley in Detroit. (Sorry, no link to this race. It's an exclusive, invite-only thing. Kind of like Boston, but without the rigorous qualifying times or prestige.)

That's all. So, I might be getting older. I might not be getting carded when I buy a bottle of Winter White at the local liquor store. I might not be able to see our TV very well when we watch movies, so I wear my glasses. I might not understand the youngins' obsession with Jersery Shore, Justin Bieber, or texting over talking face-to-face. But I just may hit some awesome PRs this year while I enjoy the peak.

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My best few years of running... + RUN