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A Very Best Running Advice

When I first started running back in 2013, I had no idea what I was doing.

I ran just to run. Races were something to do because free race t-shirts were cool (and still are!).

At some point in 2008, I signed up for my first Crim 10-Miler. Running 10 miles was a lot different than running the 5k's of 2003. Training plans were made, shoes were invested in. I tried energy gels for the first time, and, like many other runners, nearly vomited up the sugary stuff.

Best Running Advice

Look how excited we were in 2018!

While I don't think I'll ever know or even begin to comprehend everything that shapes the sport, I feel I've developed a decent grasp on the concept of running.

I can only say that because of what I've learned over the years from a multitude of sources: running magazines, conversations with running veteran friends, personal experiences.

Inspired by a conversation I had with Erika yesterday, here are some of the lessons I've gleaned in years past:

"There's no such thing as banked time." - my Ironman friend and work colleague, Tom.
You can see from the embarrassing photo below just how dead I was at mile 17 of the Detroit Marathon in 2009, where I learned this lesson the hard way.

After going out way too fast in the first half, I wanted to die for the remaining 13.1. In fact, part of my soul might still be on Belle Isle. Consequently, not only did I lose said "banked time", but I paid for it dearly (and then some) with my overall finishing time later.

"Sometimes it's beneficial to run for time versus distance." - Charlie, another work friend who's also a Boston marathoner and XC coach.
Granted, since Charlie is pretty fast, he can spend two hours on the road and log as many miles as I can in three. However, his point is that there's no sense in being outside for hours on end if you're not making those miles count for something.

"Carefully consider your race day gear and clothing needs." - Anyone who's ever run a race and their mom.
While I haven't quite broken this rule by wearing brand-new digs on race morning, I have learned to really consider how I'll dress for a given weather forecast.

During the 2009 Crim, I surprisingly set a 10-mile PR while fumbling with the thick fleece running jacket I was forced to tie around my waist. PR or no PR, that was just uncomfortable and unnecessary.

You can see said fleece jacket here. Not only did it pose a problem during the race - it also interfered with my post-run beer drinking.

"Think about running as an 'I get to do this' versus an 'I have to do this'." - Kristin Armstrong, blogger and columnist for Runner's World (and an amazing, BQ-er mom of three).

I saw and wrote about this very idea over a year ago, but the idea of it still sticks with me today. Yes, ticking off another training run can seem like a chore if we make it one.

But if the "have-to" becomes a "get-to", I'd like to think that takes the edge off, if ever so slight.

What are some of your all-time favorite pieces of running advice or quotes about the sport?

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