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MCM Monday #4: Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire

Week 4 Recap
Monday: 4 mi @ 10:31 (stroller run)
Tuesday: 5 mi @ 10:07 (stroller run/tempo-ish)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: off
Friday: 3 mi @ 9:36
Saturday: 10 mi @ 10:11
Sunday: off/family walk

Total: 22 mi
Week 4 Notes
I tried desperately to come up with a scapegoat to blame for this week's training suckfest. I considered:

  • Everyone's favorite bitch: the Weather
  • Saying that the Olympics actually UNinspired me
  • Eating more fruit & vegetables per last week's update almost killed me
But none of those are actually true. Something just felt off last week. I was tired and heavy and my legs were all, "Oh hell no" when I tried to make them do things. Though I had time to run, I ended up taking Thursday off which resulted in a come-to-Jesus moment that I'll discuss in next week's post.

One sweet spot for the week: Megan joined me for my Saturday long run! We talked about important things and then almost died in the heat and humidity.

It looks like we're in eighth grade and headed to our first school dance together. Aww.

Week 4 Marathon Musing: Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire
I don't even like Metallica, so forgive me for the title of this week's discussion. I've been playing that SongPop game non-stop lately which means I have to hone my song lyrics skillz whenever I can.

So, two long runs ago, I had a disastrous first few miles and nearly turned around to head home at mile three of nine. Gu saved me enough to finish the entire nine, but the experience shook its long pointy granny finger at me while lecturing me to eat more before a long run.

Megan and I chatted about this very topic during our run, agreeing on an obvious truth: It's tough to figure out what to eat before a run that A) won't leave you doing dirty things in the bathroom before or during the run, and B) is heavy enough to get you through the miles without weighing you down.

It's like every oxymoronic couple on House Hunters. You want the cozy, charming bungalow in the heart of the city with lots of character and large, spacious rooms built by a modern glass-blowing architect, and you want it all for under $200k even though the average cost of the neighborhood you're searching in is $500k. Then you haggle over $1300 with the seller even though it doesn't matter since $1300 over a 30-year mortgage is like $5/month.

AnywhateverthatshowisriggedsowhydoIwatchit, the pre-long run fueling game is a tricky one. Some recent successful combos:

  • Two crunchy granola bars slathered in Skippy Natural peanut butter + 3 Clif shot bloks
  • 1/2 cup granola + 1/2 cup Honey Bunches of Oats + banana + piece of cheese (no milk because milk is gross)
  • A pack of BelVita breakfast cookies, half topped w/ PB, half topped w/ Nutella (you can judge me here because I know Snookie repped for those cookies but they are good)
And caffeine of some type, usually hot black breakfast tea. As long as I get some decent carbs, a shot of protein, and a smack of caffeine, I can make it through almost anything. Almost.

Well, except for a journey through Metallica's greatest hits. Give me "Hero of the Day" and then we're done with that business.

What's your go-to long run breakfast?

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