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f*cking olympians

Quite literally, it is likely they are f*cking each other. Not the worst of images. But as a result, condoms are in high demand at the Olympics.

I enjoy imagining that the London Olympic Committee searched long and hard for a upstanding firm, and that Durex rose to occasion. Durex pledged to cover the Olympic Village with 150,000 condoms. That's enormous. Roughly, 15 condoms per head, or enough for each Olympian to engage in 15 coital flings over the 21 day stretch. Olympians, unlike us banal folk, don't have the punch the clock, and most of them have the stamina for some extra spunk. So maybe Durex came to this elevated number based on a sturdy, well-probed projection.

Apparently, a problem has arisen. A bucket of unofficial or "knock-off" condoms, conceived by Kangaroo Condoms, a brand from down-under, has surfaced inside the Olympic Village. Durex is on full alert because they think they're being screwed.

I fully support this type of marketing. It is the type of seedy, viral marketing that can pierce the common media grind and become a huge story. Durex should get on top of it, otherwise, if this story really climaxes they could totally blow their market share. Maybe I assume too much?

This just brings up a final point: do you think it lowers our veneration for the Olympics when it is viewed as a vertically integrated marketing undertaking? Aside from the amazing performances we've seen, over-the-top marketing clearly isn't below them.


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