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Charlotte At Three Months

A quarter of a year down already, and Charlotte's becoming a real mover and shaker these days.

Since we didn't have to see the pediatrician this month, I'll use my magical baby weight and length estimating abilities and guess that C weighs just over 12 pounds and is at least 24 inches long.

She's still wearing 3-month clothes, but we have busted out a few 3-6 months threads. Baby Gap has had some awesome sales lately which have allowed us (and my mom) to load up on trendy neutral onesies and a few cute summery dresses. As for diapers, we just made the switch to size twos and despite being a bit large, they seem to be more comfortable than the size ones that were barely covering her bum.

Milestones & Abilities
It seems that Charlotte progressed so much in the last month. She's much more active and is growing stronger each day. A few notables:

  • lifts her head 90 degrees during tummy time and makes an effort to lift her entire upper body up when laying down on propped up on a pillow or the Boppy
  • smiles and laughs constantly and in response to people
  • uses her hands in a much more controlled manner to grasp toys or stick them in her mouth
  • has rolled over (!) from front to back twice and is getting dangerously cheesy close to flipping back to front, too

What She's Loving This Month...
Silly words. Twice we've had her cracking up by simply saying "no" and "what". She gets a kick out of how they sound, I suppose.

Standing up. She's not one for sitting, but rather prefers to be pulled up on to her feet so she can see more of the world.

Swaddling. Ever since we started swaddling her at about four weeks, she can't seem to kick the habit. We swaddle her for naps and at bedtime still, and since she's about to outgrow the size small SwaddleMe wraps, I think we're going to buck up and buy the next size because that's what works for now.

Not a Fan Of...
While Charlotte is mostly a very good baby (in my completely unbiased opinion, okay?), she has her moments of rage. These tend to come when she's A) overly tired and can't settle down to sleep, or B) hungry and has to wait more than 0.05 seconds to eat. Other than that, she doesn't mind taking baths, getting dressed, or having her diaper changed.

Mom & Dad
While the transition back to work has been smoother than I'd anticipated, we're still working out some kinks. Charlotte has insisted on waking up around 3:30 a.m. to eat about 6/7 days a week which makes for some tired mornings at work for me. Add to that a wonky nap schedule (which includes a long 2-3 hour morning nap, and a few 30-60 minute afternoon and early evening naps), and it feels like we're all over the board most days.

At this point, I've decided not to fight the unscheduled schedule and just let it flow. She seems to be so darn happy most of the time that I don't see the point of making major changes right now. Additionally, I'll be off work again in June, and the schedule will be disrupted once again anyway.

One major recent blip: Kevin is just now recovering from a nasty bout of the flu that started wreaking havoc on Friday, and the days that he couldn't do much with us because of it were extremely difficult. I praise every single parent out there for doing anything and everything because trying it do it all on your own is effing hard.

Month Three Moment
I don't have a photo for it, but this month's moment is sponsored by Charlotte's adorable baby giggles. Best. Thing. Ever. Just imagine the sound of a thousand unicorns playing golden harps beneath a double rainbow while farting out platinum sparkles and you'll have baby giggles.

Month Three By The Numbers

  • 10: ounces of breastmilk I wasted today by forgetting to refrigerate it as soon as I got home from work. FAIL.
  • 3: bottles Charlotte usually takes down while at day care.
  • 1: person who *almost* walked in on me during a pumping session at work (for the record, it was an elderly old man substitute - that would've been totally not awkward at all).
  • 0: binkies we've lost since birth. I'm a binky Nazi. We keep at least 2 in every room of the house at all times.
  • 11: weeks it took to get Charlotte's newborn pics back from the photo studio. Totally worth the wait.
  • 38: days until summer break commences and I get to hang with The Bug all day again.

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