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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 5 + Easter Stuff

Let's make this one snappy because I've got an 11.5-week-old tot about to throw down with me if I don't pick her up off of her ladybug playmat soon. Oh, and I have pesky yearbook deadline to attend to. Aaaannd I've been back to work for TWO WHOLE DAYS. After all of this, I'll be drinking somewhere in a corner.

Week 5 Workouts
Monday: off
Tuesday: BBC workout A ("push" muscles weights routine)
Wednesday: off (aka, I ate Taco Bell instead and seriously, you need to try that new Doritos taco NOW)
Thursday: BBC workout D ("pull" muscles weights routine)
Friday: 5 mi run @ 9:33
Saturday: 4 mi run @ 9:40
Sunday: 3.5 mi run @ 9:44

You win some, you lose some. That was the name of the workout game this week. Some days I felt great (Friday's amazing run), and somedays I was all about fake beef (Wednesday's "outside the box" dinner). Whatever.

In the words of Sheldon...


That means I finally met my two goals after weeks of not meeting my two goals. So. Yeah. More on that in approximately 10 characters... or more...

Week 5 Focus: Motivation Shomotivation - Sometimes You Just Gotta Suck It Up or Suck It Down
So, like I said approximately 10 or so characters ago, I went 6/7 on my 72-ounce water goal, and 5/7 on the fruit and vegetable goal. Add that to a solid 5-workout week, and I feel pretty darn good.

So how did it come to fruition? How did I motivate myself to, in the words of a redneck somewhere, Get 'Er Done?

I don't know. I wish I could say something to you like:
-I pinned up colorful images of fruit and vegetables to my fridge
-I searched Pinterest for artsy fartsy Photoshopped "motivation"
-I read goosebump-inducing quotes from Steve Prefontaine

But I didn't do anything of the sort. Rather, I spent my last week on FMLA leave figuring that I had to just do it, knowing that I'd regret not fitting in that workout or chugging that last bit of water.

It wasn't very fun. Let's be honest: who really thinks working out and eating healthy all of the time is fun all of the time?

Not me, that's who.

But sometimes, it's all about digging deep into your soul, adding another handful of ice cubes to your Camelbak, and wishing away that excess muffin top hanging over your favorite J. Crew bootcut jeans while knowing that all of the pictures and quotes in the world wouldn't do you any favors. You just have to suck it up and get out there or, in the case of produce and water, suck it down and sneak in some extra chocolate later.

Speaking of extra chocolate and sneaking things in, I'm going to sneak in a quick, one-sentence Easter recap with this BBC post as I don't have time to write a jam-packed holiday post right now about a holiday where everyone says they're celebrating Jesus, but really they just want to mow on some jelly beans and dye Pinterest-inspired eggs.

So here's my recap:

This Easter, the Bunny brought me a smiling bebe in a clearance-rack Gap frock fit for a mini-queen, and we dined on eggs and Polish food and Hershey's chocolate and ended a 13-week vacation with a long family snuggle and plans for a new family dynamic.

Some questions:
-Is there such a thing as real motivation? Or is it all about just getting out there and doing something even when you don't really feel like it?
-What did the Easter Bunny bring to you this year?

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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 5 + Easter Stuff + workout