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"Once, twice, three times a lady marathoner... "

That's the song I'll be singing sometime on October 28 after I've charged the district, beat the bridge, taken the Iwo and crossed the Marine Corps Marathon finish line.

Yep, I did it. I registered for the race today (which, btw, sold out in under 3 hours - a record!), and I couldn't be more excited to run 26.2 for the third time. Give me long runs, give me Body Glide, give me a diet full of lemon-lime Gu and fruit punch nuun. I'm ready.

What makes it all the more awesome is that my sister-in-law, Kim, is registered as well. It will be her second full race, but it'll be the first race for both of us where we actually get to run with someone. I dig running solo, but running a marathon solo is tough cookies.

Little did we know, during Festivus 2007, that those Salvation Army 80's prom dresses would serve as marathon race day outfits 5 years later. Sike! (Let's bring back the word sike!)

While we're knocking out the course, our dudes will be on Charlotte/inspirational sign patrol. Kevin says he's retired from marathoning, and Kim's boyfriend Zach will be coming off of a fall Ironman. Yeah, an Ironman. No biggie.

Hopefully we'll get to take in the scenery while we're in our nation's capital. Maybe we'll pop over to the Washington Monument to listen to an Abbie Hoffman speech, or maybe we'll wave goodbye to Jenny as she hops back on the bus to Berkeley. Whoops. That was Forrest Gump. For some reason I always think of that movie when I think of D.C.

At any rate, it'll be another trip with baby in tow. Why I've shied away from racecations all of these years just to schedule two the year that I have a baby is beyond me. I suppose C will be a Travel Queen by the time she's one.

So, yeah. Despite the excitement, some nerves are simmering away on the back burner. I'll be juggling momhood, a full-time job, marathon training, and grad school all at once this year. It's a scary prospect, but then I think of Megan, of #OpHardcoreFit, and this classic School of Rock scene...

... and I know it'll all work out just fine.

Who else will be joining me in DC this fall?

If not, what fall race do you have on the docket?

Or, you can always quote me your favorite line from Forrest Gump.
My personal favorite: "Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks."

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