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PP50K, SS FA 50K, and Phil's 50K

I ran the Pikes Peak Ponderous Posterior 50K last weekend. I think it was the most fun I had at a race...maybe ever. It was the first time since the R2R2R trip that I took in November that I was able to link together some truly great trail miles. And on top of it, I got to spend an amazing weekend with great friends!

I went out with the 8am group and spent a some time talking and running with Nick P, The Weasel, and Capt. Picard. However, I ran almost the entire day with Brandon S and another Denver runner named Kyle. The course was great - a little slick in places - but tons of fun. It was almost my first time on the Incline...and yea, it's ridiculous.

Enough of that - there are enough blogs about it: check here, here, here, here, or here for better coverage and pictures.

This Saturday I'm going to head up to Louisville/Boulder to run the South Side FA 50K. I think something clicked for me last weekend and I've rekindled my passion for running. More info about the run can be found here. I hope to see some of your friendly faces there.

And then February 4th is Phil's 50K, hosted by the Weasel and his new group SCRUD, down in the Durango/Cortez area. Since I've found myself time-wealthy at this point in the year, I'm seriously considering heading down there for some more fun. I'm a little worried that it's too long of a distance to run before the Red Hot 55K mid-February (since I'm a wuss), but whatever. I haven't been to Durango in a while and it would be another great opportunity to travel there and visit good friends. If you're interested in taking a trip (to L-ville or Durango), let me know.

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PP50K, SS FA 50K, and Phil's 50K + running man