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The Long, Short, and Realistic of It

If you've been reading this blog for even .57 seconds, you know that I'm an anal-retentive planner who can't stand not having an ongoing To-Do List at work, in life, and for running.

Since I've been schlepping around LBA these last 30 weeks (yep... the big 3-0 already!), I've become even more obsessed with creating plans and setting goals for when I triumphantly quietly and averagely make my return to actual running (a.k.a, not pee-pee dance waddling) next winter/spring.

Among my plans thus far:

  • The Comeback Plan: a tentative 2012 race schedule
  • My Running Bucket List
Today, I bring you another list of goals that have been burning a hole in my brain, waiting to be sketched out and jotted down on this digital paper: my long-term, short-term, and "hold up, girlfriend, let's be real" goals as a runner.

(That last one refers to goals I could at least live with in running, despite my want to obviously fulfill the long-term goal. It also showcases an attempt at being sassy today.)

Short-Term: Return to completing easy runs at a 9:15-9:30 pace by my first race next season, a 5k or 10k in early spring.

Long-Term: I have two huge ones here (TWSS) -

  • Run a sub-4:00 marathon, a goal I had for Chicago this year. After running Kalamazoo this year, I know that this will be a real challenge.
  • Break 24 minutes in the 5k. My current PR is 24:34, set earlier this year when I was really hitting my stride, and I'm dying to see how low I can go in this race.

Gosh, terrible form while setting a PR. At least I'm slightly airborne, and I think I eventually beat that dude next to me.

Hold Up, Girlfriend - Let's Be Real: My life would be complete with a 4:15 marathon, and really, 24:34 isn't too shabby as a 5k PR.

Short-Term: Be ready for said early spring 5k at a minimum. I'm eyeing some St. Paddy's weekend races in March, and there's the Martian series of races in April. No PRs, just looking to finish strong and healthy.

First bib and shirt of the 2011 racing season: the Corktown 5k last March.

Long-Term: Completing an ultramarathon would be the bee's knees, as would a half-Ironman distance triathlon. Oh, and what the hell. Let's throw a century ride in there as well. I miss my road bike terribly these days.

Hold Up, Girlfriend - Let's be Real: Don't know if I'd ever have the time to train for an ultra, so perhaps a more realistic approach to that is to do an ultra relay. As for the half-Iron, I'd have to really train for the swim. I'd be happy with an Olympic at the very least. However, a century ride is totally doable.

But either way, wetsuits are both cool and awkward to wear.

What's one long-term and one short-term running or fitness goal you have?

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