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What I've Learned From 100 Followers

Logging onto Blogger today brought me joy after a long work day: I've reached the triple digit-mark in terms of followers (via Google Friend Connect).

While I definitely didn't start this blog (here's why I started it) to see how many followers I could obtain, there's a certain satisfaction to be had when I see that number increase.

Here's why: Seeing new friendly faces pop up in that Followers box means that somewhere, even way out there (hey, Mrs. Q in South Korea), people actually read what I have to say. It's amazing to me to think that even one person (Hi, Mom!) would want to read this blog, let alone enough people to shock and amaze me into writing this very post.

Aww, shucks, you guys. You heart me a little bit. In the words of Miley Cyrus: "That's pretty cool."

So after 100 followers, 206 posts, and more than 500 comments, here are three lessons I've learned about myself and this here community of writers and runners:

1) Not everyone needs to be the object of my sarcastic disdain for the world.

Call me Holden Caulfield, but I'm pretty cynical about the world and the people in it. My opinion of society, particularly American society, is fairly low most days.

So it makes this cold, cynical heart of mine warm up a bit to know that there are so many amazing people out there that I wouldn't ever come in contact with if not for this blog. Folks who stop by my blog are willing to take a few moments out of their busy days to drop me a line in the comments, and that's pretty much the Cat's Pajamas.

Baxter wearing a Santa suit for Christmas 2008. Sorry, it's not exactly a cat in pajamas, but it's the closest thing I could find on such short notice.

Additionally, I've met some swell people - like blog friends and running buds, Megan and Erika - and even had an offer from Mrs. Q (see above link) for a hand-knit baby blanket for LBA. Seriously, that's cool.

2) I'm not the only one dealing with runs gone wrong, conflicts at work, and questions about my own abilities in life.

As I peruse the comments left on various posts, it's clear that you all are going through many of the same things I am on daily basis.

In the age of Facebook, a place where everyone seems to be constantly winning the lottery, buying new cars, having adorable babies, and discovering the cure for cancer, it's nice to have an outlet where the picture isn't always so perky and the conversations aren't always full of puppies and rainbows spewing from glorious mountaintops.

Don't get me wrong, though. It's not that I live for doom and gloom; I can just appreciate the fact that we all have lives that aren't always like the end of a Full House episode.

Silly Tanner family. I'll bet that donkey in your kitchen somehow taught Michelle to deal with racism in kindergarten.

3) Inspiration can be found anywhere.

A few years ago, when I got serious about running, I thought I'd never want to quit.

Since then, there has certainly been more than one occasion where I wanted to toss my running sneaks down the garbage disposal and call it quits for good.

Then I'll traipse over to my computer, pull up a post or flip through my Google Reader, and I'm instantly reconnected to the world of running as I read comments, check out race photos, or catch up on weekend race recaps. At that point, I no longer want to throw in the towel (or the shoes).

At that point, I want to lace 'em up and head out to grab a few miles.

It's in this virtual world of running bloggers that I can tap a source of energy and inspiration with ease. And even though I'm ultimately the one plugging in my personal and credit card information into yet another race registration form, it's because of what I've gleaned from others out there that I'm even on the page excitedly dropping another $100 just to run a race.

So whether you're one of those 100 GFC friends, a Google Reader follower, or just an occasional lurker, thanks for reading and teaching me a little something about myself.

(Shoot. I may have just gone all Danny Tanner with the ending to this post.)

But for realz, thank you for brightening up my Monday and many Mondays to come.

What's one thing you've learned about yourself through the blogging world?

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