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The Cupcake Classic 3.7-Mile Virtual Race Recap

While drumming up a list of future races in Friday's post, I realized I forgot to mention The Cupcake Classic!

Yeah, I know. Cupcakes + running? Huh?

Blogger Jess from Run With Jess hosted this 3.7-mile virtual race in celebration of her 37th birthday and, of course, a love for cupcakes! You can read about The Cupcake Classic here. Almost 200 participants were signed up virtually in addition to those that were going to run the race with Jess in Illinois.

Kevin agreed to run the race with me yesterday by completing a 3.7-mile loop around our neighborhood. It was a chilly morning - temps in the mid 40's! - and so I donned a pair a running tights for the first in months.

However, the weather proved to be a big help for my already slow pace, as did Kevin's faithful trotting alongside of me. He kept me moving through the whole thing, even when I was tired, and my pace varied wildly from the 9:30's to the low 11's.

You could say he was my pace rabbit. I guess I just really wanted to chase down a dude wearing neon green and aviators.

We ended up finishing the race in 39:06, a 10:34 pace. I was happy enough with that at 28 weeks pregnant, as I just wanted to come in under 40 minutes.

Even though Kevin and I looked merely like two joggers out for a Saturday morning run, it was fun to know that we were "racing" against a few hundred other people all over the U.S. I've done one other virtual race this year - the Nike She Runs L.A. 10k - and I hope to do more in the future. It such a neat way to bring runners together!

Thanks for hosting, Jess, and happy birthday!

Did you run any races this weekend? Tell me all about them!

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The Cupcake Classic 3.7-Mile Virtual Race Recap + running