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Running While Pregnant: What to Wear

When I first found out that LBA was on the way (hey, gratuitous rhyme for you!), I knew that I'd have to shell out some dolla dolla billz for a new wardrobe to accommodate her new living quarters.

What I didn't think about, however, was the need I'd have for new fitness threads. For some reason, my pregnancy-clouded brain just thought that all of the wicking tees, quarter-zips, shorts, and capris would just stretch along with my skin.

Well, they did... for a hot minute.

Now, at a hair shy of 26 weeks pregnant, my body is starting to give me some wicked mean side-eye every time I try to pull on a too-short running shirt over my expanding mid-section.

So, I did what I do every time I've faced a pregnancy dilemma: had several mini-meltdowns before figuring out, little by little, what works for me.

What Worked From My Former Wardrobe

1) Shirts that were previously too long or too large. Hello, Detroit half-marathon tech tee from 2008 and Corktown 5k tees from 2010 and 2011.

2) Cotton race shirts from long, long ago. Normally, I protest from the mountaintops against cotton while running. However, it's been working for me these days since I'm not sweating too much (because my runs are at a snail's pace), and since cotton provides a nice, soft layer against my already agitated skin.

3) Most of the shorts. I say most because a few pairs (the Nike Race Day shorts, my favorite) gave me some nasty chafe since my thighs are expanding like a marshmallow in the microwave when I make s'mores indoors (another gratuitous rhyme!). I just roll the waist band down to allow some room for LBA to have a dance party while I run.

What I've Bought That Works Even Better
First, my two "C's" of shopping for maternity fitness apparel:

  • Cheap (under $25) since I may not be wearing it for longer than a few months
  • Comfortable - no snug fits or shirts that ride up or shorts that bring on chafage
1) For Two Fitness maternity tanks. You may remember this tank from the Crim? The rouching on the sides is key - it supports but hugs the belly, so there's minimal riding up. I scored my two tanks using a DailyCandy deal and paid about $25 for each.
Note: All For Two stuff is on sale right now through tonight only! Go check it out. Speaking of which... I need to order things now!

2) Some cheap cotton tanks from Target that are long and lean. Usually I buy clothes in the short and stout aisles of clothing stores. But long and lean tanks are key to effectively covering up the bump. Again, I went with cotton, but they were $5 each on the clearance rack, so how could I say no?

3) A few cotton v-neck shirts from Target in a size up from my normal size. I wore one while out running 3 miles with Erika today, and it performed just fine, save for a couple of visible sweat stains post-run. (But sweat stains are like cool temporary tattoos, right?)

-What piece of running apparel could you not live without?

-Are you a fan of post-run sweat stains, too? Make me feel like less of a dirtball and agree.

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Running While Pregnant: What to Wear + running