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Ok, I get it. Most of you are tired of reading about Hood to Coast. 20 of your favorite (hehe) bloggers, all writing multiple recaps, swapping pics from each others blogs, I imagine you feel like you've heard nothing but Hood to Coast for 2 weeks.

The hoopla surrounding this even was HUGE, but when you strip it down to fundamentals, was it really that big a deal? People run relays all the time. The story of 12 strangers, pulled together, living in a van and running their hearts out isn't that unusual. Among a sea of thousands of runners, our faces were just a few.

But to us, it WAS monumental.

This blogging community has been a blessing in my life. It has offered me support, accountability, inspiration and most importantly friendship. Hood to Coast, and nuun brought together a group of ladies who had similar hobbies and passions and made real life friends out of them. The bond we now share is something special, something that could only be forged over 200 miles of sweaty, stinky fun.

Nuun Platuun finished those 200 miles in:


We placed 7th in the Womens Open division.

(And yes, we held the lead... Afternuun Delight followed us in about 13 minutes later, in case you wanted the follow up from THIS post.)

Less than 28 hours after we started that adventure, we celebrated on the beach with shots of NUUN, of course. :)

We met Hood to Coast race founder Bob Foote

as well as the ladies from Heart and Sole. (if you've seen the HTC movie,they should be familiar to you)

spread the Nuun love (almost positive I'm pointing to his nuun tatt, NOT fondling his muscles)

Celebrated some more... .(cover your eyes mom, I'm drinking beer)

Added an honorary team member, Amanda from RunningHood with Nuun Platuun.

After much errr... celebrating, and still un-showered, we left the beach for some food. Post dinner with Jess from Blonde Ponytail.

Late Saturday night, with tired legs and full hearts we tucked into our Seaside hotel to FINALLY get some sleep. That morning we loaded up, and started the drive back to Seattle.

Sunday night Tonia and I stayed with Mel's house. Monday morning we were given a tour of Seattle by Zoe and Chelsea. We had coffee at the original Starbucks:

I got frisky with a fish at Pikes Place Market(nasty)

Visited the Space Needle

And just generally enjoyed the last of my time with this amazing group of bloggers

The morning flew by and I was soon boarding a plane back to Austin. The trip home was full of delays and oversold flights, but at 12:30am Tuesday morning I was finally home with my boys.

Thanks again to nuun for providing this amazing opportunity. Hood to Coast was the experience of a life time... .lets repeat it next year, ok? :)

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