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10 Reasons to Love Fall

It was Homecoming Week at the school I work at, and the insanity of the last five days culminated in one very raucous pep assembly at the end of today's classes.

Note: Give 1,400 high schoolers an empty gym and they'll turn it into an explosion of sound louder than the cheer that went 'round the world when Osama Bin Laden was assassinated.

As cynical as I am about society, there's something to be said for Homecoming at a high school. The event never fails to remind me of cool fall nights when I was a wee teenager sitting in the stands drinking hot chocolate, eating walking tacos, and snuggling up with my best high school friends (BFF's 4Eva!) as we cheered on our miserable football team.

Though it's a rarity to find me in the stands these days, I kind of love Homecoming Week because it ushers in the fall season as very few things in life can.

It got me to thinking: Fall is just downright awesome (#2 only to its prettier, lighter cousin, Spring). And it seems only fair that since today (as of 5:05 a.m.) is the first official day of the autumn season, I give you 10 Reasons to Love Fall (In Case You Don't Already).

10) Optimal running temperatures and the fall racing season
Temps in the 60's do a body (and sometimes a PR) good. Sorry if you're living in a place that's still hotter than hell.

My sub-two hour half PR came during a lovely fall day last October.

9) Pumpkin spice lattes and chai tea lattes and other latte you got-te (ha!)
I'm not usually a Starbucks aficionado, but when fall hits, I schlep the green and brown cups around with no shame. No shame at all.

8) Pretty scarves tied in pretty knots
Do yourself a favor today, and waste some time browsing Pinterest for cool scarves and ways to tie them. You'll feel oh-so-hipster when you're done.

7) Apple orchard and cider mill visits
Cinnamon sugar donuts...

... need I say more? (Oh, yeah - they also sell apples.)

6) Skinny jeans paired with tall, dark boots
Inspiration via Pinterest. I die.

5) Warm pots of thick, creamy soups with soft, doughy bread
Loaded baked potato. Spicy turkey chili. Homemade chicken & dumpling.

Are you salivating yet?

4) Halloween costumes
The one day of the year you can make a complete idiot of yourself and feel totally okay about it. You know, as in wearing a hot 80's aerobic instructor costume out to the bar.

3) Sleeping with the windows open
Gives me one more reason to stay tucked beneath the down comforter and hit snooze for the sixth time every morning.

2) Network TV premieres
Welcome back, Adam Braverman. I missed your boyish charm over the summer. Oh, hello, Liz Lemon. Your neurotic tendencies inspire me. Nick Lachey, always glad to see you hosting the amazingness that is The Sing-Off. My, Ron Swanson, you haven't aged a bit over the last few months.

Clearly, I have a huge love affair with NBC right now.

1) Bath & Body Works fall scents
I'm a sucker for a good, homey smell and therefore should buy stock in B&BW snatch up lots of B&BW fall fragrances when they hit the shelves in September.

Loving this year: Cinnamon Sugared Donuts (notice a trend on this post?) and Leaves in the 3-wick candle and Wallflower.

What are your fall favorites?
-TV shows?
-Fashion trends?

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10 Reasons to Love Fall + weather